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Ghostwriting: I will pay, you write for me, can be affected for academics and API scores

Ghostwriting is not a latest trend. It has been following from many years, Most of the politicians, officials, Celebrities, Executives are having their own ghostwriter to write speech or a statement for them.

What is Ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is a paid service, a Ghostwriter will write for others for money or for other complements on behalf of a person who paid money for him/her.

Is ghostwriting Plagiarism?

Ghostwriting is not comes under plagiarism, However it’s a constitute fraud and unfair.

How Ghostwriting affect for academics?

  1. Ghostwriting will decrease the quality of a research
  2. Unsuitable person will get a job or awards for his/her writings but actually which has been written by someone else
  3. It’s make unhealthy competition among the competitors
  4. It will affect the true researcher in case of API scores
  5. ‘Wrong person’ will get selected for ‘Right position’ for their paid services

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It will not much harm for you and me because we are already working, This practice will much harm for Pre-Employment (Particularly in the time of Govt. Jobs where they are following API scores). Undeserved person will be shortlisted for his/her writings actually which have been written by others (Might be their guides, academicians, Paid writers etc.).

It's my concern....!

I understand your points but I am not in the same row of your philosophy. You are thinking it as challenge or problem whereas I am looking an opportunity(50%) and also out of context(50%). I am employed or in position to search a new job has no business with others. It's my luck and labor which will only help me(same applies to all others). If others are having much influence(someone can write) or wealth(can buy the papers) why should I be sad or worried? 
As in my very first comment mentioned it is the topic of no relevance. 

Please excuse if my words scope any hard word.

Thank you. 


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