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Dear All,

Post your ideas and knowledge.

Kindly note that the discussion points may include technical and theoretical, subjective and descriptive data for sketching the similarities or the differences.

Please join the discussion.

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Replies to This Forum has all type of information but some times it is not authentic means. on the other hand library has information resources in various forms such has journals , books , non book material and e resources, those are very useful and authentic. because information is created by author , scholar etc and published by publishers.

2. some times may get false information from google because any body can upload the information on any topic. but you  get true information from the library.

3. if you want to know about any key word. google will display lacs of response of your query. user feel difficulty to find right and true information from google. on the other hand if you wish to get information on particular topic in the library. you will get right and authentic information from various resources having in the library.

4. need of library is always remains. there is no substitute of library and no compare with google but library needs to be upgraded and also library professionals. we must do  the work hard for the betterment of the library.

all the best.

These points are really very informative Sir.

I hope interview aspirant will get the various angle to answer the question, "Why do we need a library? Google hai na!

I am very much impressed with point number 2. The library keeps in an authority information. 

Thank you, sir. 

Please bring few more point. 

I think to get perfect information books are needed, sir. I found variation in an information on the web. so for authentic information books are needed. The library is having a variety of books on one subject.

Library also provides learning environment, systematic arrangement of knowledge help the patron to access their requirements. another thing it is easy to read from books than on the web. today people are saying that library is not required, but I think it's not true. I found that a scholar in an academic institution or a government employee meet the success using the library as a learning center, facility provider or book bank.

Sir, need to think much before participating in your post, i can not reach to your level of knowledge but put some views on your statement. please correct where you find me wrong

Ma'am, you have truly pointed out that, "A library has an aroma and aura overall an environment where knowledge inhabits". 

And, I always find myself delighted when people participate in the discussions(not only mine, all other), I count the peoples(participants) I never measure their knowledge. But, I get knowledge from each one of you(member). 

Dear Ms. Dimple,

Thanks for your points and clarifications. You people are our future and the profession seems to be proceeding to safe & able hands.,


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta

Internet does not have quality control and not organized. Information available on Internet may or may not be  authentic and can change overnight. 

Google will index everything matching your search term but librarian can give you the information you need.

Yes, Ms. rightly expressed your opinion in the context, "There could be the quality issue in the information available at the Internet sources but a Library collection(information/knowledge) is always recommended by the concern people which is always target specific". 

Second, Google is a mechanical/digital thing with intelligence but Librarian is human with intelligence and sense. 

Thank you.

Pls, come up with few more points. 

thank you so much Munesh sir to discussion on this topic.

Mr. Hemprakash,

Hope your doubt might be reducing to weaker than earlier.

You are also requested to put your own points, what you might have expressed(as an answer). Let us know and get the knowledge out of your response. 

Thank you. 

We learn culture from library, how to read,to create suitable learning environment,arrangement of materials after using it, etc..etc. Most important thing is library not only deals with books, several cartographics, artifact, relia, manuscripts microfilm and other tapes are hidden web. A learner may gather information from these materials after physical verified. Library have DRM for the digital collections.

Sir, You have highlighted the issues as

1 - the learning environment,

2 - collection range, books, several cartographic, artifact, relia, manuscripts microfilm and other tapes, which are hidden from the web.

3 - Assistance to the user by providing the physical reading resource. 

4 - DRM(Digital rights management) a kind of IPR. 

These points are really new in the discussions, going to be noted down by many others. 

Thank you.

Sir please do consult on this discussion

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