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Dear all,

              I am working in a self financing college since 10 years as a 'librarian'. My post is approved by University.  Of late my principal has brought in a person of his caste and has forced her upon us. This new person has now completed her PG in LIS.  Therefore the principal has now issued me a show cause notice on frivolous grounds to eliminate me and elevate her.  How do I protect myself? My college is a unaided, private college, run by private administration.  Please help.

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what caused or grounds ur principal mentioned in your show case?


The show cause notice says,
I called one of my staff an 'elephant' the same person which the principal has brought in some 13 months ago.
2)I do not grant leave whenever staff asks for. Though the principal is the one who takes a final decision to grant or not to grant leave. I only recommend
3) I practice partiality. This is based on some anonymous letter addressed to him some 13 months ago.
4) non submission of stock verification report for 2013. Though we have been submitting stock verification report every year despite stock having crossed 40,000. Last year's loss was in single digit (2014). I was unable to submit 2013 sv report as the system had crashed down.

Mr. Sidhhu,

old sad Indian story. jis ki lathi uski bains. your college is private, mngt. is private, librarian will be private as you are telling of the same caste. No clarification from your side will work because the management of the college does not want you any more. 

Dear Siddu, I received the following email in response to your post

Dear Sir,
Sorry to hear about this situation. Be positive. Once your post is approved by University, no one can take you out. Try to maintain good relationship with your principal. It's time to prove him that you are the best candidate for that post. Try to find out the reasons for his plans to remove you. 
Try to upgrade your skills.
Since its a private post, you can even think of better positions.
With that experience you can get a better job with better package. 
While trying to stabilize your position at that college, you can think of other options.
Hope this piece of advice would be helpful
All the best.
Dr. Solomon Raju
Hong Kong
Sent from my iPad

Dear Siddu, I received the following email in response to your post

I think you need to approach with Manager/Director of the College. Hence, may be,They could help you.
Otherwise, No options are available because private colleges are mostly run by  self finance. Notably, Founder of the College is responsible for the all the activities. Principle is also fall under the category of subordinate compare to manager/ director of the school/ college.
Govt. also could not help you...............
Do not care, Allah will help you.
with kind regards,
Mohd. Malik
Working in Seminar Library: Dept. of Applied Mathematics, A.M.U., Aligarh, UP

Dear siddu,

You working in college since last 10 years then management/owner of college should knows about your working. Try to contact directly owner of college and explain everything. If you are not wrong and then told to owner to take feedback about you from other staff/faculty. 

Sir ,

   no body help for this matter because self finance college can everything . so i request please search new job . you fight administration spent your money and time . so please do not waste your time and search new job

Dear Siddu Ji,

              I will say, private is private and You will prove professional is professional. so I request you that do not see back and go ahead. Believe me, good opportunities waiting for you. You have 10 yrs. experience and all library professional with you.


Rajeev Kr. Sinha

I have few suggestions to make:
1. First of all this can not be called as racial discrimination
2. Since you are more or less experienced in the field, you should be aware of the working atmosphere of a private organization.
3. The situation which you are facing today, is not just been happened overnight.
4. Be positive and analyse the flaws within you over last 10 years working in the same Institution
5. Humility is not thinking less of yourself. It is thinking yourself less
6. Learn from this experience.
7. Engage in a discussion with the Management, never involve in an argument.
8.Last but not the least, if you are not successful to convince the Management, look for another job, provided, you do not repeat the same flaws.

Best wishes
B.R. Shee

Dear Sri Siddu,

I saw your post and realized the disturbing situation at your workplace.

First of all, serving a show cause notice does not mean expulsion!! So I think that your service is secure, at least for the time being!

As you can see from the replies in this forum, we all are really concerned about the incident. The most important issue is to how retain your post & position which you are continuing for the last 10 years. As I personally feel that since your post is approved by the University, the University must be having details of your profile like qualification, age etc which conforms to the University rules. In that case it seems quite abnormal to elevate a new individual over and above you unless, there is gross financial misappropriations.

I could understand from your reply to Sri Surajit's queries the individual in question joined just 13 months before. Is she more qualified & experienced than you? ( I should admit that I tried to check your profile but could not as it was set as Private!!) If they want to elevate any individual, can they do it without any open advertisement? Honestly, I have no idea about the power & authority of the principal but as I understand s/he is accountable to a Governing Body and all such appointments need formal approval from such bodies. If you have some acquaintance there try to talk with them but at the same time prepare a befitting reply to the points of the show Cause letter. Regarding the item #3, (anonymous letter 13 months ago) did they initiate any enquiry at that time?

Regarding the issue#4, did you officially informed about the incident as the system crashed down? and most importantly, if you did, do have you have formal receipts of such intimations? If you need any assistance from my part in drafting your reply, do not hesitate to contact me personally.

I have seen Janab Md. Ismail's reply. You see situations vary from place to place and in West Bengal, it is quite abnormal even for private institutions.

I saw Sri Basab R. Shee & Mrs. C.M. Chitale's replies too. Certainly they have points though personally I feel installing an individual of same caste can be called racial discrimination. I request you to please note their suggestions (at least the last three)

Lastly, be positive and have confidence upon your ability, try for a job and leave this job as the situation comes.

Best wishes,

Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta

Dear Mr. Sidhu,

Very much impressed by the reply of Mr. Roy. He has taken up every issue and has advised the befitting replies. Why don't you draft a rough reply and post on the lislink? Then, after discussion, suggestions which pour in from the members, can be considered and a final reply be submitted. But before that, you have to clarify some things- 1. issue of anonymous letter (was any enquiry initiated at that time?) 2. Failure to submit stock verification report of 2013 (Was any reply filed by you in written?, Do you have any formal receipt of any information furnished by you?)

I've some other options in my mind to deal with these consequences, but those can not be discussed over here. If it is feasible for you, plz contace me personally.

Best wishes

Dear Sir,

Sri. Siddu

It's bad to know the situation which has many reasons and dimensions of its appearance. Many senior professional, colleagues have given their views on this matter almost all the remedies are covered. I would say only to prepare a reply of that MEMO and mention the justifications of all the points raised against your work. I would also suggest that while writing justifications be specific and professional, which should reflect in your letter. We have studies the management in our syllabus and almost useful important lessons are covered under it. Kindly apply them and prepare a replying email. 

Actually, this situation is not new or born in a month. So I don't think that any informal talk would work on it. Only the thing is left, formal communication. In that letter you may also point out the works done by your and your team which are known as a remarkable in your University. If you really fell that mistake is done from your end then you should realize it in-front of competent authority. Relation between/among is very much important in all kinds of institutions. You have given your 10 year to your college, college authority will take right decisions.

Best wishes,



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