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Dear Friends,

This post is especially for those who find difficult to face and prepare for interview. I prepared this document based on my personal experience and also from different sources available on Internet.

Generally, it happens with all of us that when we go to attend any interview, our brain remains in puzzle what to prepare and how to prepare for an interview. I have tried to compile some of the important aspects which can assist in attending the interview easily.
Hope you will all find it useful for your purpose.

Please don’t stick to these questions only. You may prepare based on other aspects also.
You can download the document at

With regards,
DP Tripathi

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It is a very nice documentation on Interview skills. It has almost all the points which play the crucial role an interview. 

Best wishes... 


very well explained. will be very useful for those who attend interview.

thank you very nice information

Sir, Thank You for the valuable information for interview purpose.


Thank you very much., really appreciated you!

good sir...

Thank you Sir

Very nice job and especially it will useful for freshers those who don't have any experiance in interview skill.Thank you very much sir.

Dear Dr. Tripathi,

Thank you very much for an extremely important issue.

In fact I too was planning to submit a post in this forum on this issue!!

I have been observing for quite a long time that candidates often appear in interviews without proper "homeworking" and many times very deserving candidates are not selected because of their poor performance during interview session though they are quite knowledgeable. 

Very recently I was in a interview Board in the University I work and observed that most of the freshers are quite at a loss and pathetically under-prepared to attend an interview.!

I had detailed discussions with some senior teachers in the LIS dept.s of local Universities and I proposed to them that they should seriously think to initiate "grooming"  activities for their students.

Amidst this, your post was indeed like God's blessings!! 

I should add just another point to your excellent post & that is candidates should be prepared to speak in English fluently. If anybody wants to get a job in an Institution of Higher Education & Research, fluency in English is a prerequisite. Never-the-less, it adds considerable confidence to the candidates and improves their body languages to a great extent.

Thank You once again,


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta

Thank you so much sir this information is very useful
Nice keep it up.

Very nice explained sir.Thanks a lot


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