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Dear LIS Members,
We are part of various social media groups. WhatsApp groups are one of them. WhatsApp consumes most of the time, what we give to our phone. There are many learning groups exists but failed to control and prevent the threads resulting whole day and night countless, irrelevant, inappropriate messages enter into the mobile. It is a simple idea to limit the time of group activities, may be 15 minutes every day. In that specified 15 minutes, members/admins can share useful information and learning contents. After that 15 min, nobody will share any information. This idea is only for the groups' targets teaching, learning and preparation of exams.
Thank you.

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Dear Sir 

WhatsApp as a a wonderful medium of Disseminating Educational Information. But In most of the case most the irrelevant information and undated messages are floating in Group. It becomes very difficult to control the Information in an open platform. I do agree with you sir there must be check and control in order to make the platform an effective tool. An administrative control must be essential for the success for the dissemination of relevant and useful information.If the information is genuine and useful and the timing should not be one of the constraint. Information sharing should not be restricted with timing it should be free but there should be accountability and authentic. Knowledge knows no boundaries...but should be useful

Thanking you......


Dear Shiva Sir,

I think it (restriction) is possible for an educational group. Is it not?

I am thinking to save the time what we give to a group. Please suggests some other ways. 

Dear Kumar,

I think, you are a member of our Whats App group, The way we used to manage the content seems to be useful for other people who want to use it for educational purpose. You should have a selected people who can post to the group, if any other member need to post to the group, then firstly they need to forward the content to the Group creator and then the group creator will share it on the behalf of the member.

Even I am sure within a few months WhatsApp going to implement the moderation facility in the WhatsApp group by the administrator (Creator). Then the entire problem around the group will be solved.

Thank you for the valuable reply Sir.



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