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Ghostwriting: I will pay, you write for me, can be affected for academics and API scores

Ghostwriting is not a latest trend. It has been following from many years, Most of the politicians, officials, Celebrities, Executives are having their own ghostwriter to write speech or a statement for them.

What is Ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is a paid service, a Ghostwriter will write for others for money or for other complements on behalf of a person who paid money for him/her.

Is ghostwriting Plagiarism?

Ghostwriting is not comes under plagiarism, However it’s a constitute fraud and unfair.

How Ghostwriting affect for academics?

  1. Ghostwriting will decrease the quality of a research
  2. Unsuitable person will get a job or awards for his/her writings but actually which has been written by someone else
  3. It’s make unhealthy competition among the competitors
  4. It will affect the true researcher in case of API scores
  5. ‘Wrong person’ will get selected for ‘Right position’ for their paid services

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Nice topic and points...

My Points on the term Ghostwriting and sets...

It's very well informative note on a term, Ghostwriting. But, this topic has no scope at the public platform to take it further at the level of prediction or the results or a recommendation(scope). Because it lacks the evidence. Somewhere it might be paid, helped, included in part of the job, somewhere is for welfare, somewhere it is for fomenting or practiced as out of love and emotions.

Ghostwriting will not decrease the quality of content if the audience is woken. 

Writing(may be ghostwriting or the real one) and the API  system has no relationship; API is related to Publications/research outcomes.

The wrong person gets selection only if similar situation.

Thank you. 

Thanks Dear Mr. Munesh for your comments,

I do agree for quality orientated research if audience are woken but it will affect for a API scores during Pre-employment or Post-employment (in case of promotion) there are many chance where a expert can write a book, an article for others who are unable to write in similar cases ghostwriting will help them to get more API scores which is required for the posts, However there are no evidence for claiming any information as a 'Ghostwriting' since writer has been paid and will not disclose with any one. Its only matter of 'Believe' and 'Self respect'

Paid writing doesn't lack the equality in the content. In fact, they are more careful about their business and existence.

API system is confusing, whatever measurement you make in API people will fulfill that. In interviews, the panel must discuss with the candidate on his/her writing and publishing understanding. Obviously few papers are essentials to get the experience. 

M glad that m part of thinktanks... N m seeking knowledge

Thanks lislinkerz.

Today we came to know the new topic. 

Thanks, Mr. Siddu.

Keep it up.

Good topic

Directly or indirectly it will definitely make bad impact on 1. Quality of research 2. API System and create unhealthy competition.  

i will agree with you

Thanks for your the  post.

There is no harm if someone writes a paper for someone(paid or free), its mutual understanding between the peoples or organizations. Important is the idea behind the publication.

Dear Siddu M. Huded,

Many thanks for your post and for addressing an important issue. The practice is old as earlier the Kings used to take help of "Pundits" in writing on their name & behalf. Those were issues of self gratifications and by and large, people won't take them seriously as they made no harm to people at large; but presently it has come down to such a level where it 'affects' people! The API, (albeit its several limitations,) for instance, is an effort to identify "capable"  and "not so capable" and thereby, to reward the "capable" and Ghostwriting has infiltrated into this very process. Ph.D Theses especially on Non Laboratory Oriented Subjects are written by others, Articles are written by others , all against payment, even fake candidates are sitting for examinations for specialized fields like Medicine etc. and all these are making ways for the incapable persons depriving the deserving individuals!

I won't wonder if some among us in this forum have experienced of such "requests for help" from fellow professionals.

There is a proverb Deserve; then Desire. But with time and circumstance it might have become obsolete! However,  we should remain alert. This is all I can say as a conclusion!


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta 

Thanks sir for your comments, I do agree with your comments, It's been practicing for a long, There are no such instruments to find 'Ghostwriting' however 'Self Respect' is a only tool where we can stop this practice. This is also a reason where many talent aspirants are loosing their opportunities in their respective fields. 

It seems somebody forces you for writing for him/her.


Please take this practice positively. Because there is no harm in such kind of writings(paid or favored). It gives business(if paid) to unemployed peoples. And finally who is writing is not our(user or reviewer) concern what is the written is the concern.

You have been trying to highlight the consequences on API. There is no harm for others who don't practice this and participating in API system. As Sir(Siddhartha Shankar Ray) mentioned that it has a long genesis. 

It's my suggestion only 


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