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I want to share with all of you that Mr. Tanaji Kamble, Librarian, DRK college of Commerce, Sholapur has sent me vulgar messages. He has made fake ID on in the name of Vicky Narkar, Librarian, DRK college of Commerce, Sholapur but the poor guy does not know that nothing can be hidden in the world of knowledge. First of all I found the contact number of the said college and talked to the Principal and he told me that the name of the librarian of his college is Tanaji Kamble which is match to the URL of Profile of Vicky Narkar. Secondly I called him and when he knew the matter he disconnected the phone. It is prove that he is culprit. When I go through the case I find the 10 females out of 11 in his friends list.

My motto of share this with all of you that he must be exposed. Can you all think that an intellectual person who has a responsible seat and enough qualified could do this type of cheap act. Is his mistake excusable? Is he, in fact, an intellectual personality? It is very condemn-able that such type of person degrading our profession. I request all of you, please don't accept his friendship.

Just a minute ago, His brother (may be his friend) called me and felt guilty and said me "mein apke pair padta hoon ke wo yeh galti age se kisi ke bhi sath nahi karega". I said him that he must feel sorry on the same network through which he had sent me those messages.

Now I want to get suggestions from all of you that what should be done with that person? Your valuable suggestions are welcomed.

Simerjit Kaur

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Let Him take to the Police dont forgive him at any stage.







This guy must be punished and his profile should be block by Administrator............

This Person must be punished and his profile should be block by lislinks netwotk

Dear Madam


This is certainly an objectionable instance. One should denounce the same at any cost. Still I would suggest that dont publicize it because it will give a blot on our professionals only.



Dear sir

I respect your emotion for the profession, but such instance must be publicize. I am sure it will not harm our profrssion at all.

If you want to modify his behaviour (and also sets an example for others), then punishment(police) is the best option....

I request to the Administrator

please investigate this mater as soon as possible..........


punish the defaulter by the regulation of LIS Link......

This type of act comes under cyber crime.

send a written complaint to his librarian.with details.

this type of dirty minds are spoiling the reputation of the profession.

Hiii, Simerjit,

              first of all congratulations for showing your daring and courage, and  sharing this with all of us because  there are very few people in our society who have courage to do so.

Now that person  should be punished and out of LIS community.  He must say sorry to you publically...

I salute your gutsy post.Every person in this forum must come forward and I earnestly request the web administrator that immediately delete his name and his all contents from the lislinks along with strict warnings in the site for future potential vulnerabilities. And now come to his punishment, my civil service experience says that we , the all educated citizens must comply and obey the laws of the land.His act certainly comes under the jurisdiction of Cyber Crime.So, please don't hesitate to contact approprite authority.Don't worry.We all are with you.

great work done by u now its duty of this site management that they restrict theses type of fake people to come at joke with LIS professional i request to administration plz take two  reference before giving the permission to lis links.

Sir, You are absolutely right about "two reference before giving the permission to lis links". This is right step to restrict someone in creating a fake profile on LIS Links. Administrator should think of effective ways to restrict these kind of fake people on LIS Links.....


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