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What kind of Workshop, topic session will be really helpful and exciting for working Librarians?

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Dear Madam,

It is a very good question to ask and discuss, making a skilled librarian. I would say with all subject related knowledge(theories and practical) we much find the exhaustiveness, how much load a person can take or handle. It's all about the load-bearing capacity. In other words, we must skill people in such a way that the person can process a huge amount of different nature of works/tasks within minimum time with full authenticity.

Thank you.

more workshop is very imp  workshop is a khoa best workshop in a  help full librarians  .

Dear Madam

What I feel the selection of topic is very important. The topic selection should be more focussed on practical approch. The user oriented workshop will be successfull when the end user or the participant is happy by learning a new skill which helps him in day to day working environment. Workshop should be on current trend Ex Koha , DSpace or Cloud etc....

Knowledge of professional library methods and knowledge of books, authors and readers interest are very important...

Spending time only on Koha workshop will not help...

Nowadays Trainees' and library professionals are taught to stick due date slip, label, stamping books and other circulation activity.

Just compare the trainees at British Council Library and American Libraries 

Only support staff at these library were given the task of sticking and stamping works the physical processing work.

At these libraries trainees will have a different task of categorizing books for eg: fiction books, types etc

they just analyse the book by seeing the font type and categorize them accordingly to readership age etc. like toddlers, 5-8, 9-12, teens young audience etc  because they are trained in that way...

So that if any user ask for a classical fiction or thriller etc they can easily identify the subject  through the nature of experience etc.

If we ask same classical fiction books in a public library they just tell us to search in OPAC because from dawn to dusk their duty is pasting, pasting some time issue and return and they tell they are the complete professionals

Recently I saw the book entitled " One Indian Girl" by Chetan Bhagat in K V school library in Kerala 

Can anyone tell what readership age the book is suggested...

Thank u

Abilash A.


An excellent Analysis indeed!

Thank you Abilash!

Thank u so much Sir, Your response is really thought provoking. 

Dear Abilash Sir

It seems you have targeted an individual or someone with this short note. 


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