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Let us refresh the knowledge on DSpace and its related areas . Make your answers. 

  1. What is the DSpace? Write any five features of DSpace?
  2. Who has created the DSpace?
  3. What is a source of finding out the information on Repositions running using DSpace?
  4. Who is managing and developing the DSpace?
  5. What are possible methods of Installing DSpace?
  6. Write the benefits of using Virtualbox?
  7. What a user in DSpace and who is called an e-person?
  8. What is the role of a collection administrator?
  9. Which metadata does DSpace support by default?
  10. What are the operating systems may be used for installing the DSpace?
  11. Write five major differences between Windows and Linux.
  12. Write the commands for checking IP in window and Linux PC?
  13. What is the meaning of distributions in the purview of Linux? Give the name of any two distributions
  14. What is the prerequisite of installation of DSpace?
  15. Which are the two major themes provided by the default installation?
  16. What is the order of creating a collection?
  17. What is a bitstream?
  18. What is the meaning of license in DSpace?
  19. What are the things makes an item in DSpace?
  20. Which metadata does DSpace supports by default?
  21. What is DOI?
  22. What is DSpace handle?
  23. What is the meaning of community and sub-community and collection?
  24. What kind of login right is required to customize the DSpace?
  25. What is the role of Google Analytics in DSpace?
  26. In which file does Google Analytics code be incorporated for getting the analytics data?
  27. What is the meaning of CSS?
  28. What is stand for XMLUI, JSPUI?
  29. Write the name of the file which contains the color code of DSpace Interface.
  30. What do you mean by text editor? Write the name of two text editor.
  31. Write the command of opening terminal in Linux
  32. Write the Command of updating and upgrading the packages installed in Linux
  33. How will you change the password of a Linux user? Write the example of changing the root password.
  34. Which DSpace file contains the email server setup?
  35. Which directory in Linux contains the web files and folder?
  36. How to change the footer credit? Which file contains the footer information in DSpace?
  37. What is the meaning of Hexa color code? What is the use of color code?
  38. What is the meaning of localhost, internet host, and public access?
  39. Write the unique global IP of localhost.
  40. How will you access your local DSpace from a client’s PC?
  41. What are the benefits of taking a backup?
  42. Which is the database software supported in DSpace?
  43. What kind of content does DSpace support?
  44. What is the most current release of the DSpace software?
  45. What sort of hardware does DSpace require? Write a tentative configuration of Server and Client’s PC?

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answers are also required.

Will be given

Dear Sir,

            Please ans the above all question and mail to me my mail id

Sure pls wait for sometime

Dear Sir,
I did not know the answers for the above.Kindly send the answers to jeganlib@gmail.
thanking you

Yes Sir I will compile all the answers and send you too. .

I greatly appreciate the time you've taken to share your knowledge with us.

Thank you for your kind appreciation Ashok Sir.

Please post the answers also.

Ok Ms.

answers please..??



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