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Dear All,

Post your ideas and knowledge.

Kindly note that the discussion points may include technical and theoretical, subjective and descriptive data for sketching the similarities or the differences.

Please join the discussion.

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I got some interesting information on Library V/s Google, The following URL can help to distinguish relation / relativity between Library and Google.





Thanks and Regards

Siddu Huded

That's very good source of information Sir Shri Siddu

It is gonna help to us for mixing up the knowledge(library) and technology(google) to get more out of amalgamation.

Thank you.

Today, we are living in the digital era in which everyone has the right to write any piece of information on any topic and publish the same through web 2.0 tools and consequences of that Google is overloaded with a bundle of information and displaying results in lacs. So, to find the right information, at right time and in right amount has become a challenging task for the users via using google. Moreover, due to the advent of web 2.0, to find the authentic and authorised information over google search engine has become an impossible dream for the users.

So, the user needs the support of library and librarian. To conclude, we can say that the Google can never be a substitute of library and librarian.

Very ture, Dalip Sir.

It's good interpratation of the feature, advantage and disadvange of Technology.

Thank you. 

"water water everywhere but water to drink nowhere" same think happening about Google or Internet. lots of information is available on the internet but information which can be used is very little and there is also authenticity problem of information. that's why libraries are still better source of information than Google   

Absolutely true. Its really very new and different example. thank you sir

Thank you for the views Shekar Sir
Your example is really simple that everyone can understand the value of important information that you have made hover using the example of water for life.

Finally, I can understand here that for a good life, authentic information is needed like the fresh water.

Thank you.


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