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Dear Professionals,

What is going in LIS field, in one side UGC made rules that Ph.D. is compulsory for assistant professor/assistant librarian post. In the other side some of the institutions like CPRI made a rules that Diploma/BLISc qualification for Assistant librarian post. Why this is happening? It is very essential to make uniformity in recruitment process in all state and central institutes.      

 Thank you.

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Dear Mahesh,

Thanks for the post, Let me differentiate UGC and CPRI, UGC is a regulating body for colleges and universities in India whereas CPRI is independent institute under Ministry of Power, GOI. Both are having their own rules and regulations for recruiting the Posts, However i will also support your views that It would be better if all institutions are make a same recruitment criteria for recruiting the all posts.


Thank you very much for your reply Sir. 

 It is better have D.LIB and B.L.I.Sc certificates with M.L.I.Sc

But they have to revised the rules & regulations  time to time. 

Dear Sri Mahesh Hirendagi,

Thanks for your post and your concern about the criteria difference.

It is a bare fact that though the government advocates for "SAME PAY FOR SAME WORK" a vast mismatch do exist and all the government machinries are well aware of that.

The UGC offers its own pay scales for institutions under the aegis of UGC only. As such, there exist a huge mismatch of Recruitment Processes & Pay Scales among Librarians in General Degree Colleges & those in Medical, Dental or Veterinary Colleges as the later three are under Medical,Dental  & Veterinary Councils of India. Fortunately the AICTE  has recommended Pay scales in the line of UGC for their Librarians that is why the Engg. College Libraries are getting better Pay scales!! Unless and until the MCI, DCI & VCI do recommend Pay Scale & Recruitment Processes for Library Professionals at per with the UGC, the gap will remain.

The 5th. CPC recommended Recruitment Process, Pay Scales  & designations for Library professionals way back in 1996 . Though the CPC recommended pay scales etc. were implemented by all the organizations (including Autonomous bodies) under different Ministries, the recommendations for the Library people were not implemented in many organizations till today!! Our Library Associations are also inert. The only way out is to seek legal assistance which most of the employees are afraid of. That is why the system remains as it was. In almost all organizations the authority depends much upon people from general administration & accounts and as the Pay recommendations for Library professionals are disliked by these people, the authorities make the Library professionals Scapegoat!!


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta


Dear Sir

Thank you very much for your reply. 

I see your every post or replys for the posts  they are  very relevant & true it indicates your depth experience in LIS field, you are a  good guide for us keep sharing your experience sir.

Thank you.


 I need some Ph.D theses  regarding Public Library.


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