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Turnitin - Anti-plagiarism software price hike every year

Dear Professionals,

Last year we have subscribed Turnitin for the amount of USD 5400. This year they have raised the renewal subscription fee to USD 6140.

Please do let me know If anybody renewed at your institute with some other pricing. Meanwhile, please suggest if any other choice for good anti plagiarism tool.


Perumal. G

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Dear Perumal G,

Though you will not find similar facility and coverage, however, I would like to recommend Urkund.

Dear Sir,

Thank you so much for your immediate reply. I will check with Urkund.

Turnitin is best among to similar other anti-plagiarism software tools. URKUND is also one of the option to use but it is not as good as Turnitin. Even prices are too high but for the quality report and exhaustive database of Turnitin, I still would recommend Turnitin. 

All the best.

Thank You

Dear Sir,

More or less it is the game of monopoly(for price hike). Even there are similar solutions(software) exists but trust, recommendations, the requirement of scholars(for Turnitin) leads and drive the market of Turnitin.
Turnitin is mostly used in engineering institutions(can be found in IITs, NITs) whereas Urkund is mostly adopted by universities as recommended by INFLIBNET.

Hypothetically, it is said that engineering domain publishers accept the article if scanned by Turnitin. Finally, as per publishers, we must opt the plagiarism checker. 

We must ask Turnitin, not to increase the rate rapidly, until or unless any solid factor for that. 

Thank you.


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