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Transferring the Physical Collection of a Library to Another Library

Out of the group of colleges run by our institute, one college is shut down.

Now we want to transfer the collection of books from the shut down college to a functional college.

How to transfer the collection? What type of procedure need to follow for the accessioning of the books?

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Dear Suresh Sir,

In that case, you must keep all the records(property registers) including accession register. Everything depends on you whether to keep access to those books 'close access' or 'open access'. 

If you want to assign a new accession number(for your library) for an easy issue and return you can give the numbers( like the second number) as per your accession number. 

What you can't do that is you can't hide the identity of the old library collection. But, with remarks and an assistive note, you can use those books like your library books. 

I hope you will find useful. 

Thank you.

Thanks for your valuable suggestion

Dear Mr. Tota Suresh,

Thanks for your post.

Since a college is closed and its assets are transferred to another (functioning) one, I presume that there will be requisite administrative/office order. Keep a copy of the same.

Now consult your Administration & Accounts in-charge how the assets are to be treated in financial ground/ Should they be included/added as "gift" ? Your Administration/Accounts people will give you guidelines. Otherwise, convene a meeting of your Library Committee and get a resolution duly signed by all the members. Submit  a copy of the resolution (signed by the Library Committee member & Chairperson) to your Administration & Accounts people .Keep a signed receipt copy of such submissions.

Unless otherwise instructed by your authority, put a prefix to all the Accession Numbers of close down institute's register. this will enable you to avoid the confusion of "Dual Accession Numbers"  Paste a copy of the resolution & further Office order to this effect on the first page of the Accession Register.

Always keep copies of all such materials in your safe personal custody. 


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta


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