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The SC Verdict for Ph.D. Degree Pursued from Distance Mode is Valid and Treated as Equal to Regular Mode.

Hon'ble Supreme Court has given a clear verdict that Ph. D degree pursued from Distance education is accepted in every way  and no longer difference between Regular mode system. The verdict has been given for the writ petition filed by Dr. Abdul Motin.

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very nice verdict in favour of service class researchers

Absolutely right Sir...

Dear Sir,

It's good if such verdict or decision get implemented.

India can be built by all(institutions), not only by the central universities, or state universities. Quality education and justified assessment are highly required either by regular or distance-based education.

Thank you. 

Dear Munesh Ji,

                        A few University still are there though they impart regular mode education but there is also a question marks regarding their systems and procedure in which way they provide educations to learner. I have seen a few university though they provide M.Phil and Ph.D programme in regular mode and even they have strict provision for attendance but all these are only for showing other than nothing just  you need to touch with them over telephone.  On the other hand if you see IGNOU like open university they are extensively trying to impart quality educations, if you see for Ph.D programme of IGNOU there  is provision that you have to stay in Delhi quite a long time to pursue this degree. Instead of all these you have to face so many questions like that why not you join regular mode so and so one in interview time. So I am totally agree with you what you have pointed out . We need only quality educations and justified evaluation of learner after completion of course either it regular mode or in distance mode.

Thanking you,

With regards,

Sumit Chakrborty,


Dear Sri Sumit Chakraborty,

Thanks for your post and the information. I completely agree with Sri Dayal Singh Bhatti. Indeed it will be extremely helpful for working professionals. However quality is a major issue of concern. There is no denying however that lots of Ph.Ds awarded through regular course (non Distance mode) often fall short of expectations and never-the-less, standards of different Universities are not at all similar.

However, in our "idea plain" students passed through distance mode of education are viewed as 2nd. class professionals due to typical mindset of people. So, in my opinion, as a precautionary measure, in order to justify their standard the researchers (through distance mode) MUST publish at least two research papers of their Theses topics in standard journals otherwise, there are high possibilities to face adverse treatment during interviews especially for jobs in National Research Establishments. I witnessed an interview  where one board member sarcastically advised a candidate to explore jobs where s/he can "work from home"!! (meaning working from DISTANCE!!)  The candidate had both B & M Lib science through distant mode.  However as the candidate informed that s/he has three publications from her/his M.Lib. Sc. dissertation, the entire atmosphere changed dramatically. Incidentally, the candidate had published two articles in prominent Indian Journals and  one quite reputed international journal. I narrated the incident to highlight the mindset of senior working professionals!


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta

Dear  Shree Siddhartha Sir,

                                          I am so much pleased with your comments.  When ever you take part of any forum comments, it is not only enrich us but also give the paths to find out exact solutions of that situation. As a most veteran professional you have witnessed so far all baisness happened in our educational system and you cite the example of the same in our forum comments.

Thanking you.

Very truly yours,

Sumit Chakraborty.

You are thanks for this

It is not distance mode. It indicates open university PhD valid.

Dear Akhtar Sir,

                     Thanks  for noticing such differences. But in current scenario in respect of quality educations for Pursuing the Ph. D degree in regular (erstwhile distance) and open mode both are the same in their procedures. You may or may not agree with me.

Thanking you,

With regards,

Sumit Chakraborty.


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