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Dear professionals 

I want to publish my M.Phil. dissertation through "Prowess Publishing".

Please share your views and suggestion regarding this.

Anybody has any experience with Prowess Publishing?

Though it's reviews and ratings are very good.

Will it increase my API score?

Should I make any change in dissertation to convert it into book form?

I conducted a case study on a particular children library in 2008.

Will it be valid if I publish it as it is?

Please reply with whatever information you have regarding this.

I have to publish it as soon as possible to get better job.

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Dear Ms. Ashraf,

Congratulations for your M.Phil.

It is indeed a good idea to publish your dissertation as a book. Certainly it will enhance your API Score

Regarding changes,  In dissertations, customarily, you mention Acknowledgement,  Review of Literature, Introduction, Materials & Methods, Discussion, Analysis, Results, Inference then reference and index in sequential pattern. 

As a form of a book, it is always better if you write preface and introduction to describe the issue and its intensity as well as purpose of work. (here part of your Literature Review may be incorporated)

Then chapter wise you provide the items above. You may rename the chapters, like, say, if you incorporate part of your literature review in Preface, you can start naming the first chapter as "background" where you  put some of literature review & some of discussion as identification of the problem. Since your work relates to Children's library, you might be having ample scope to add suitable narratives & discourses.

As such in form & format of a treaty differs from that of a dissertation and mind you presentation is an important art which has a strong effect on readership.

As I understand the Company you opted, does these modifications; but in my opinion, as you have the soft copy, you may do it by yourself because being the "Author" you are the best person to do these transformation.

Hope I could explain the issue to your satisfaction.


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta 

Dear Friend,
Publish your thesis as a book from Publishing house is good idea but. As per the students who published, they found that the work is published as such in most cases. After publication it is not available as an open access material but it is sold online. You can check for yourself too. You can check for the guidelines with the publisher if you wish to do so.
As far as credibility is concerned, I don't think it is useful to publish your work as a book. Instead you should make research papers and submit it to reputed peer reviewed journals which will surely increase the scientific impact of your work.
Shiva K


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