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Scientometrics is an application of quantitative methods used in the history of science. It is also one of the techniques for documenting works of eminent scientists and researchers. 

What is the relevance of  scientometrics in research.

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Dear Madam

You have written one definition where it is clearly mentioned that how Scientometrics is ímportant and relevant in research. If you like to know more in-depth, please read the books by visiting any library or by finding resources online.  

If anything apart from this question, I shall happily respond you.

Thank you.

Respected Sir, 

                         My sincere thanks to you , In fact I am a fresh research scholar,then research guide  have advised me that it is better to take scientometrics. I don't know anything about this .Then I search for this through several search engines ,but I can't understand their way of writings,so I used to expecting from you a simple explanation sir. Also .Also I wish to take a relevant title in this topic ,If you don't mine please help me to proceed sir.

Dear Madam,

Research is not something, working on a problem which is very hard in terms of understanding levels and knowledge. Since you have joined the research; it is a big achievement. If your guide wants you to work in the area of Scientometrics research then definitely you are going to get prompt help from your guide till the end completion of your research.

I would suggest you, it is always best to refer the literature on fundamentals and elementary topics to understand the overall boundary, components what altogether make something called Scientometric Analysis. Please visit your library and collect pieces of literature, make a reading list, access e-resources to get new literature and read them all. Make the notes whatever the knowledge idea you get while reading. Reading and referring the existing literature give plenty of knowledge where innovation may begin. So at this stage, you read as much as you can.  

After getting some firm concept from reading sources you refer the reply of Sir, @Siddhartha Shankar Ray. The second reply of Sir contains the robust guidance which will strengthen you in identifying a problem or selecting a topic of research.

After doing all these practices, I am confident that you will be able to understand the Scientometrics concept and its components. Apart from it, one of my friends is working on Scientometric Analysis of Medical Literature. I can also request him for helping you in formulating your research. But, before migrating any direct help or idea from others, just make yourself understood about the scientometrics analysis, vocabularies, formulas, terminologies and all about it. Because at the level of research everyone will start guiding you from middle or higher levels including your guide.

Thank you.

Dear Ms. Rekha, A J

Thanks for your post.

As you know Scientometrics is a vast area for quantitative vis-a-vis qualitative identification of research productions. I just want to name two very practical usage of Scientometric studies.

One is Ranking & Impact Factors for Journals; another is Citation Analysis.

It is an established practice to grade a periodical according to its impact factor and such "Ranking"s are based on the principles of Scientometrics/bibliometrics.

Citation Analysis, again is an established criterion to ascertain 'usability'/'relevance' & thus importance of a research product among the peer group. this ultimately give rise to fix quality tags both for the product and the producer (Author) 

Research papers which are published in journals of high impact factor instantly treated as high quality articles. For instance, if you publish a paper in Lancet or Nature, certainly it will be accepted as "Quality Paper"

Research Papers published in journals having no impact factors or having no citation means they are not much useful for further research by the peer group.

Institutionally, if an institute can highlight that on an average, the Citation count of the Research publications produced by its researchers is 5+ throughout 3-5 years, It can certainly claim higher funding highlighting these factors

these are the relevancies of Scientometrics in Research.

I hope I could explain the issue.


Siddhartha S. Ray   

Respected Sir, 

                         My sincere thanks to you , In fact I am a fresh research scholar,then research guide  have advised me that it is better to take scientometrics. I don't know anything about this .Then I search for this through several search engines ,but I can't understand their way of writings ,but your reply  have been helped me to get a new light sir.Also I wish to take a relevant title in this topic ,If you don't mine please help me to proceed sir.

Dear Ms. Rekha A.J.

Thanks for your reply.

As I personally feel, it is always beneficial if you choose your research topic on the field of your specialization.

In case your background is Science, you can select topics on it. For an example, if you have Masters in Life Sciences, you may consider a topic like "...Indian Research on Plant Biotechnology 1995-2015: A Scientometric Study".  This will absolutely be a quantitative study but underlying it you will observe certain patterns of qualitative matrices on the institutional perspectives. To explain such issues further, you will certainly land into discussions relating to qualitative aspects.  However, it is a Must that you have access to necessary databases relating to the study.

Many Theses bearing the proverbial tiles like "Citation Study/Citation Analysis of ......... Research; A Study based upon Ph.D theses on .... (Name of the subject) of .....University from year... to year...."  are awarded by many Indian Universities while basically most of them are simply analysis of REFERENCING PATTERNS!! Since, now-a-days, the UGC has some definite mandates on publication of articles out of thesis topics, one needs to be careful before selecting a topic.  

So, in my opinion, you discuss with your guide and before proceeding, please ensure that you have access to all the required databases.

I hope I could explain the issue.


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta

Respected sir,

                    Of course sir, you have explained  in a very understanding manner,My sincere thanks to you . In fact I wish to do research in a best way and expecting lots of hardworks,difficulties, references and  it will be an asset for future also. In a disscussion I knew that library science scholars in India simply doing research in the field of scientometrics,only using scopus and web of science ....S o I wish to do more ..but I don't know how to do these all....



Dear Ms. Rekha, A.J.

You can search for the special issue of the journal "Current Science" on Scientometrics.It is vol. 86; #5 (dated 10th. March 2004) You will get plenty of articles. Besides, you can search for articles by Dr. Subbaiah Arunachalam. He has lots of articles on Scientometrics published in various journals including Current Science and JSIR. All these are open source and you can download the articles for reading.

Next, you try to read the series "Essays of an Information Scientists" by Eugene Garfield which, however, is hard to get but you can have access to old issues of weekly "Current Contents" you please go through the "Current Comments" on each issue. Basically, the "Essays..." I mentioned above, are collections of Current Comments & more.  You can also try for Prof. I.K. Ravicnandra Rao's articles and specially his book on Scientometrics. As I understand the book is available at much cheaper cost at

I had taken a few days to check my personal collection as I collected some 150+ articles on Scientometrics/Bibliometrics  published during mid-80's to 2000. Time to time, I have given away the articles (all in Hard Copies!!) to intending researchers and University Departments. I believe that I still might be having some. As I reside out of my town now-a-days, I have to see for the relevant articles and if I find any, I can send you soft copies of them if you so desire.


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta

Respected sir,

                         I appreciate my deepest thanks to you sir .I've been going through these references nowadays , it's so helpful to me sir also I am expecting more from your own collections...

                                                                         your's faithfully,


Dear Madam,

The relevance of  scientometrics in research are using the if any selected from the recent year research journal of any discipline(Science, Arts, Medical etc.).

Thank you sir


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