Re-Designating UGC Librarians as Asst. Professor/Associate Professors

Library Associations-Your Attention Please

Dear Academic Librarians,
Central Pay Commission already submitted its report. Now UGC shall constitute the Pay Revision Committee at any time.Now intensive lobbying by Library associations is needed in UGC and MHRD for 
Re-Designation of Librarians to Asst. Professor(LIS)/Associate professor(LIS)/Professor(LIS) OR as
Asst. Director/Deputy Director/Director(Library)
UGC/MHRD may be convinced the need for class room lecturing /training by Librarians to First Year Degree and PG students without which the knowledge resources will be under-utilised.  Initially two or three hours may be proposed with requisition for inclusion in the college time table.
Sunny Joseph,
College Librarian,
SNGS College, Pattambi,Kerala.

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sir ,

I agree with your suggestions

lobbying in Delhi needed

Library Associations are suffering with Sleeping Sickness ..........

Yes sir. who will make them awake ??

I Think that the Indian Library Association should be initiate for  it.

Dear friends,

We agree with your opinion, but how to go with it, everyone library professional support it


Dear Sir,

I totally agree with you. All of us should get united on this issue.

I want to know more about this, could you furnish more information, please.

Dear Sri Sunny Joseph,

Thanks for your post. I have also gone through the other posts in response to your post.

As you know it is a sectoral approach; in the sense that it relates to Library professionals under UGC. I have noticed that you have addressed the "Academic Librarians" but as I understand, the Academic Librarians  constitute many others beyond UGC umbrella giving no less efforts and toils to render pertinent services.

But, first, let me make it very clear that I am a professional retired from Govt. service &  as such, I have nothing to gain or loose out of the govt. (UGC) decisions and in this sense, my opinion should be taken as unbiased!

I have noticed a very interesting comment of yours in reply to Sri Rony Sebastian's post  it is LOBBYING IN DELHI NEEDED. Does it not give a sort of different idea among people? (I fully admit however, that lobbying is a prerequisite even for legitimate issues in many countries including ours!)

The issue, as you certainly believe is legitimate & justified, but you are well aware that your approach is aimed at/to be applicable to a specific section of Library fraternity. Don't you think that librarians under AICTE/VCI/DCI/MCI governed institutes or in academic institutes under different ministries outside the purview of UGC  should also be included?

I am in this profession since nearly forty years and voted for Calcutta University senate for Librarians at the very first year of the implementation of the rules. I have mentioned it as a deliberate effort to clarify my unbiasness but I like to put stress that efforts should be made to collate all librarians working beyond the purview of UGC and in that case, the "lobbying" you have referred can be more strong and justified.

To conclude, I like to add that as the rumors go, the UGC is being pressed hard (you can call it "lobbying" as well!) to withdraw some of its recommendations in favour of Librarians.I strongly believe that it is high time to unite all Librarians including those beyond the purview of UGC. Otherwise all your demands may get a lukewarm approach by the authority as your post yielded just five responses only from nearly 1000 viewers (978 exactly as I'm writing the response)

Lastly, I apologise to that section of "Academic Librarians" If my comments have hurt them.


Siddhartha S. Ray


I genuinely want  better designations  and better service conditions for all librarians working in Public,Academic and Special Libraries. I raised the issue as I am working in the UGC Scheme.and I have no intention to propagate any sectarian interests among library community. You may be aware that in Kendriya Vidyalayas librarians are re-designated as Teachers. In their advt for recruitment, librarians are categorised as "miscellaneous teacher".

     My humble suggestion is library associations need to "lobbying"(used in the positive sense) the authorities for re-designating Public librarians with corresponding administrative positions such as directors,managers, library officers,library supdts etc and Special Librarians as equal to their scientific community.

     I certainly plead for re-designations of Librarians in AICTE/MCI etc. Let the re-designation begin with UGC as basically UGC decides the qualification and pay of Librarians which other bodies usually incorporate.

Many thanks Sri Sunny Joseph.

I appreciate your your consensus.

I pray to almighty God that you get all success in your effort.


Siddhartha S. Ray

Recently I have a discussion with Govt. of Kerala regarding the framing of Special Rules for UGC Librarians.In the discussion I could point out the dire need of re-designating Librarians as Asst Professors/Associate Professors with actual teaching 2 to 3 hours for degree and PG students in their first and second semester.The Secretary Higher Education Dept. Mr. Sreenivas specially noted it and no service organisations objected the proposal. Further, I sent two letters to the Secretary elaborating my point and I am trying to convince other officials in the Dept. regarding issue. Hope some changes may take place.

   I shall upload the letters later.


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