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I have to Make a project for My MLIP 002 Topic in MLIS. Before that I have to Submit a synopsis of that project and a Presentation too. I dont understand which topics should I use for my projects. Help me out with topics and some examples.

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I would like to draw your attention to the IGNOU study material MLIP 002 for figure out a-z of a dissertation. Click the link and download the file and study it. You can find some outline of various topic areas also in the 14-15 page. Severally I will advise you to choose a topic of your interest area. You can search in DOAJSodhGanga for an appendage to your topic. You can also choose topics from your basic subject and connect it to LIS field. Lastly, consult your teacher for further.

All the Best,

Thank you

Respected sir,

                       Please help synopsis preparation of Mlis from IGNOU.plese sir give me a contact no.


It depends on the area of your interest. Let you basically look at your interested sub-domain and read some papers published in high impact journals. You can initially write and shape up later.

Dear Ms.Ankita Mishra

Thanks for your post. The query you have made is a very common especially for fresh candidates and the reply by Ms Saba Sarasvdy madam is quite correct. You please go through the MLIP material provided by Janab Wasim Rahaman.
It is a very handy and extremely helpful material for all concerned. You go through the list(Appendix 1)and check by yourself which one seems easiest for you.
In case you have any query about any of them you can ask in this forum. Personally speaking, I have observed that there are nearly four types of topics,
(1)one that involves survey
(2) Those needs solid IT Background;
(3) Those requiring strong theoretical background on LIS &
(4) A combination of #2
(I presume, that they are mostly meant for working professionals)
As I feel, #1 & #2 are meant for freshers and between these two obviously #1 is easier (which includes topic #1'#2; #3;#15' #17 etc) [but I request to avoid topic #15 It has become so repetitive, that it leaves a negative impact upon the interview board members!!]
The first three topics are quite fine for freshers; Topic #17 is also quite brilliant if one can work with it. However, it has just one limitation, in case you are in a small town, it will be extremely difficult (even virtually impossible some times) to get access to the requisite databases but if one can work with it, s/he has a strong prospect to get job in Research establishments.

I hope that my reply may help you in selecting the topic.


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta

thanks, for the suggestions.

by the way I live in Delhi. 


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