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Humble Request to the LIS Professionals Who Share MCQs in LIS

Dear Professionals,

Generally I'm not so easy with the competitive MCQ books. I always prefer reading thoroughly from A-Z for a topic from the classic books/sources. But on the suggestion of some of my good friends who cleared NET/exam (still I haven't) I started reading MCQ books. I found huge mistakes on those books in various ways, some of them are very basic concepts of LIS. Some examples are like-

1. They had repeated the same question many times in different languages or in the same.

2. They had stated different answer in different places of a same question.

3. Some question types are very unrealistic. Its not clear the question type either, neither the sated answer.

4. They had kept a space for an answer but stealthily forgotten to write the answer itself.

5. Sometimes they kept the lines as it is from where they had plucked it, therefor it takes little bit of time to understand and sometime it beyond that and so on...

Now my problem is i'm not only confused about these basic concepts but also got scared. Searching for authentic answer from the authentic source may be the solution here but again how I will aware that this/which answer is right or not there? Second thing is checking the authenticity of all questions is also not possible. The most interesting thing is, this blunders are made by not only the fresh and young writers but also by some age old and well known icons in LIS.

I have been frequently seen many professionals writing nonsense things which they don't have ideas about and published those on books/journals and other mediums and speared through social networks just to gain popularity/awards and such on.

The purpose of this message is not to insult or criticize anybody. Neither I'm asserting of knowing everything. But being a beginner I feel what is happening is ethically not right and also a threat to the next generation. We are almost about in a misguiding platform.

So, it is a humble request to those writers/editors/reviewers to cross check and confirm the authenticity of the information you are publishing and help us people like me who are about to start their journey.

Pardon me for my swank behavior. Again this is not to hurt anyone.

Thanking you

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Dear Rahaman, Thank you for raising an issue that need special attention. As a LIS Professionals who compiled MCQ book in LIS, have website on it, part of the coaching team on NET, I have some observation on the points raised by you.

1. Firstly, I must admit, due to the pressure from different ends, we used to do a lot of things hurriedly and this is the top most reason for a few mistakes. For example: My book LIBRARY AND INFORMATION SCIENCE UGC-NET GUIDE have a huge demand in the market. Its old copies including damaged copies are sold out in 2014 itself and I am in a pressure from the Publisher as well as from different DLISc of universities to publish its revised edition as soon as possible. However, now-a-days, I dont have the time as I used to have a few years back.

2. We used to right different answers to the same questions at different times. This is especially correct for those questions where the development took place in a rapid way. For example: If I have a question on How many states of India have enacted library legislation, then I will have different answers based on the timeline of asking the question.

3. You are right that during the days when anyone can be author / editor, it is very much difficult to find out the right answer. However, I am sure as a LIS professional, you have also learn how to evaluate different sources of information and you can use this.

Lastly, as a life-long learner in LIS, I still believe that even to succeed in the exam which are based on objective questions, descriptive knowledge is crucial. However, still if you are not able to qualify the test, you should try to concentrate on facts and concept.

Dear Sir,

I know that sometimes busy schedule distracts us and common mistakes takes place. Even I made mistakes several times on those situation. But I think we should cover these types of work in our free time just like you are waiting and progressing slowly for your revised edition.

Second and most important thing is I'm not talking about the rapid developments. I'm talking about the one time initiatives or establishments. For ex-

Q. In which year Evergreen was released first?

A. 2005.

Q. In which year Evergreen was released first?

A. 2007.

These two questions were written in the same book same edition once in the page 15 and second in the page 51 is how much justified?


Q. In which year Koha was released first?

A. 2002.

This question is written in two different book authored by different people.

Now, if I'm new to Koha then i'm storing 2002 in my mind confidently. But the actual answer is different. So, how do I know that the answer is wrong? This is the point I'm worried about.

Lastly, I also believe that studying descriptively is more crucial but if I'm going to face an urgent walk-in within the next 3 days then these types of materials are more useful I think.

Dear Rahaman, Just after having your comment, I have gone through all my books to know whether the mistakes you are pointing are there in those titles. Aah, it is not there.

Now the question is: Can I know the name of the author and the title of the book which you are consulting? If you hesitate to put it in the public forum, you can email me at Personally, I dont recommend most of the books which are available in the market. You should be cautious before purchasing the titles or atleast consult some of reviews of that.

Secondly, If I am promoting the services or products with whom I am associated, then I beg pardon in advance. However, I recommend the Abbreviations and People Section of the website and Systematic Facts File from the LIS Links Coaching Material. It will boost your objective knowledge on the subject.

Dear Sir,

Firstly, this is not about your book, I haven't consulted yet

Secondly, we can consult hard copies 2/3 may be. Now a days publishers are providing the facility to convert the hard copies into e-book and it is very easy to get an e-copy of the full book free of cost. I don't suppose to take their names. You know how it is, they will take my words as granted.

Basically I preferred IGNOU study materials for any kind of exams. Further I will contact you personally if I need any help.

Dear Sir,

            I am strongly agree with you in your concerned in this regard. Recently  I was appeared in AIIMS exam and I found  three to four question's anwers are given wrongly. Like Which Library association was first established in Indian states and another two or three questions were related to databases. I am confused to think which LIS books they have followed  to prepare questions and their answers or If it is made by any LIS experts think about his/her domin knowledge . And another question in LIS  which is related to copyright regarding the phrase" fair use" , you will find out so many ambiguity in the answer of this question in various books. Edition after edition such book is given same answer wrongly.  And another question , where the first Library was noticed in India like that question.  Error is part and parcel of our life everybody knows it better, but when some authors take really pride for the new edition of his/ her publication , so why not they take outmost care to make errors free publication .

Thanking you.

With regards,

Sumit Chakraborty.

Dear sir please find attached file.


Dear sir



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