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LIS Links Plan to Close Free Event Posting: Suggestions are welcome

Respected forum members,

LIS Links is a completely free to use social networking platform for Library and Information Science professionals. As on today, we have 17,652 members in our network. I think you already aware about the fact that the fund for running the network comes from the Google AdSense. However, during present time the fund that is generated from Google AdSense become insufficient to run the network. It made us think to put our once abandoned Infolinks Ads and later on affiliated Amazon link over the LIS Links website along with Google AdSense ads to cover the cost of expenditure. However, all options seems to be ineffective.

In the first part of the year 2015, we also seek donations for our LIS Links News ( The result was too poor. So, now we are thinking to stop the free event publicizing over LIS Links website. Those who are interested to publicize any event (seminar, conference, workshop) through LIS Links will be charged Rs.1,000/-(all inclusive) and in return we will publicize the event to all our reach. The event will be consider for publicizing through the following ways-

LIS Links Main Website: 17,652 reach.

Facebook Group:  7,368

Facebook Page: 6,697

Email Subscribers: 6,002

Besides, the event also will be publicize through our SMS Channel, Twitter Profile, Google Plus page and LIS Links Newsletter. In simple, anyone by paying Rs.1000 will be able to reach 20,000+ professionals through LIS Links.

Kindly note that LIS Links plan to close free event posting from 15th May, 2015 and once this comes into effect we will drop four advertisement from the LIS Links website (three Google AdSense Ad link and Infolinks ads). All these will mean more quality content for you.

If you have any comment / suggestions kindly drop it under this thread before 14th May, 2015 (Midnight).

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Thank You Sir.

Dear Mr. Badan,

In view of light of all the above proposals & suggestions, I want to sum up the following points which seem rational in my opinion-

1. Your plan of paid event posting is fully justified bcoz the organizers of various events (viz. seminars, conferences, training programmes etc.) are mainly sponsored by educational institutions or different associations/networking organizations like DELNET/INFLIBNET etc. and they, themselves, charge a handsome amount towards participation fee, lodging, sight-seeing etc. So, if you claim a minor fraction of their funds by advertizing for their events, there is no harm in it.

2. Suggestion put forth by Mr. Munesh for paid membership, is also not bad. But his point that people will take membership for sake of certificate and finding it worth mentioning in their resume that they are members of LISLINKS does not appeal to me personally. I want to bring it to your kind notice that I took membership of ILA for one particular year, but within a span of one full year, not even a single leaflet/pamphlet/brochure/any other publication pertaining to information of their activities came to me as member. It is very pathetic. So, when a national level association does not provide any service to their paid membership, why people will go for paid membership of LISLINKS, only for mentioning it in their RESUME.

But, a nominal annual or lifetime membership fee can be justified for providing so much info on jobs and other activities in the field of library and information sciences.

3. I would like to suggest you that you should contact some self-aided/private colleges and universities which have stream/deptt. of LIBRARY & INFORMATION SCIENCE and try to grab advertisements from them. This way, members enrolled on LISLINKS can keep themselves informed of, which universities are offering which courses in library & information science field and can inform their kins & friends desirous of making career in this field. They themselves can enrol for further higher degrees in this field.

4. Dear Sir, now admission season is going to begin in the month of June for technical courses viz. engineering, management courses, medical courses; you can also have an opportunity for generating revenue from advertisements of various colleges/universities running various technical courses. I know this would be seasonal business, but if you succeed in having advertisements of 4-5 private colleges/universities for 3 months of admissions (June to August) a handsome amount can be collected.

I agree with you Mr. Thaper,

People rushing in for membership for the sake of a "certificate"  sounds stupid and nonsensical to me.  If the website wants to raise funds then attract advertisements.

If you want to attract advertisement then raise the WRP (TRP is Television Rating Point and I have coined WRP to mean Website rating Point)


If you want to raise the WRP, I believe, the website should be bustling with quality activity. There should be active participation from good scholars of the profession.

Increase your outreach

Come out with something new that would attract new users and let LISLINKS not just remain a professional social networking site.

Lastly advertise your own site and make it popular and bring in more members.

Dear Sarvesh,

As per my knowledge goes, LIS Links is the no. 1 destination for LIS professionals in India. It is the second, next to INFLIBNET website in its web rank. Here kindly note that LIS Links is mainly used by LIS professionals, however INFLIBNET's NLIST, Pathsala, Shodhganga are used by all staff and faculty members of the institute including librarians. So, I think, if you count only traffic from LIS Professionals, LIS Links may come at the first position.

I dont know, you have noticed it or not, in our past we put commercial ads in Google Adword and Facebook. If you will go through our likes or members and compare it with others, you can see the difference.

The CPC=Cost per Click or RPM=Rate Per Mile for Indian traffic is quite low, otherwise we would not have any problem. So, traffic is not the problem, the problem is with the Indian market. I am sure, it will improve day by day.

Dear Thaper,

In response to your point number 2, I would like to supplement a few things. If it is implemented, LIS Links paid members would get some extra feature that would not be available for general members. Like SMS alert, newsletter, etc. You can see our digest that are periodically released without any delay at

Point 3 and 4 is not feasible for us.

I am bit perplexed!

Most of you are saying that Munesh's idea of paid membership with certificate is good. Can somebody go into the nuances of this and explain how will this attract members and and how will this generate much needed funds for sustaining the programme of this order? Will Lislinks membership certifcate hold that value of attraction for members to rush (or atleast go for this) for this?

I think we need some out of box thinking.  Old wine in new bottle or new wine in new bottle kind of a thing will not fetch the desired results.

Dear Sarvesh,

We are thinking to provide some value added services to the paid members like newsletter, sms notification and so on. I hope members will be happy to pay a nominal fees like Rs.300 for a year for such kind of services.

If you have a better idea, we will be happy to hear you as well.

Dear Professional colleague Sarvesh

Lots of ideas have been given on this issue, 'how to generate fund'. My idea is one of them. According to my idea,, will not get some fund but it will stand in same row of ILA, IASLIC and other organizations and the members of will get National Level recognition. I have given a brief glimpses of my views/idea, I thing it is quite enough in terms of suggestions.

You please give your logical idea/view, which could replace to the all nonsense with ability to resolve the fund issues of LisLinks as well as of other bodies suffering with same issue.

Thanking you...

There you are Munesh.

When all the so called National, State and Local  library bodies have already, tried, tested and failed in this idea why go for it again? Do we need to spend our efforts and energies in an idea which we know for sure is doomed for failure? 

I may not be having a better idea for the moment  but we surely don't need a crystal ball to forecast the success/failure of the idea suggested by you.



Your observations and understanding seems quite authoritative on dilemmas and situations of organizations (so called National, State and Local  library bodies)But truly speaking we had aspect-ed some inputs from end.

Thanking you... 


But I must say yours are quite trivial and outdated.

Dear Sir,

It's your observation, how can I say whether it's right or wrong? you might be aware about the current research trends. I would like to say something on that...

"a very few hidden things might be remained to be discovered now but still lots of things are there to do, which has already done, with the new and fresh techniques and young minds. It's also known as "Scopes in Garbage". All outdated products has its own value, its depend up you how you are going to take them.

Thanking You...  



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