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LIS Links has reached 25000 members. This huge base of members itself is an admirable achievement and a reputation mark for the LIS Links website. On this occasion, I would like to thank all the members of the LIS Links social network. You all have been a great source of encouragement and help for us and many others.

Today is the day, when I would like to recall our firstly registered membersdonors and sponsors in the past, distinguished LIS Links members, moderator and administrators, featured members, and a few other members who at different moment of time enrich the site with their contribution but just before acknowledging their contribution left the site and were untraceable! We owe you a lot.

Today is the day, when you can also recall the person who help you to qualify some competitive examination, help you to get a job, your LIS Links old and new friends or simply the people who helped you through this platform by answering your queries and latter become an inspiration for you. Let us thanks them all one by one.

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Congrats Sir 

Dear All,

I would like to congratulate to each and every one of this group for their efforts.  I am very glad to share with you all that the discussion forum helped me a lot clear K-Set.  Let this group exist forever.

First of all I congratulate you and everyone who contribute to LIS Links.

I would like to request you one things, Can we start virtual conference/Seminar on LIS Links platform? If yes that is great privilege to everyone to share their knowledge and also get update.

Please pl.. think about it.   

Sir, We had initiated the YouTube on Air in our past, but it was unsuccessful. 

Dear Dr. Barman,

Congratulations!!! It's heart warming to know that LIS forum has reached 25000 members.
The first thing I do when I start my computer is to check the mail from LIS forum. It kept me abreast of all that was happening in our field in the country; be it technology innovations, new courses, conferences and seminars and what not.
You have been doing remarkable work. All I can wish and pray is that may you and the forum grow exponentially as we say in our library parlance.
With best wishes,
Bharati Banerjee

Yess Congrates this lis link helped in lis professionals thank u this one platform 

Great efforts. Congrats team.


Congratulations Sir,

It is a very nice platform for our LIS Professionals initiate by you Sir.

Always we remember the name of Dr. Badan Barman in our life.

One day in the year 2010 when I seen that one of my senior Mr. Sandeep Singh Bhadoria Ji browsing LIS Links on his desktop, I asked him "Sir what is this"?

He Replied " Niranjan, It is a social network like facebook and all the members are belongs to LIS profession i.e Librarians, Library Science Teachers & Students etc. After that I had taken interested to signup and loin daily. Really it was very interesting for my to make communication with many LIS professionals through LIS Links.

As I remember, Once I was among the Top members in LIS Links and got a KING batch for my works/Blogs in during the year 2011-2012. After 2012, I visit lislinks frequently but my blogging gone slow due to my busy schedule.

Document Delivery Service (DDS) is one of the best service of lislinks, where we the LIS professions share required articles/documents to the needy profession. I have been benefited many times from this service of LIS Links.

Today I feel proud that, I am a active member of LISLINKS, and my communication gets stronger day to day from LISLINKS


We want to hear the story like this from our other professional colleagues too. Thank you for pointing out everything in detail. Just after going through your comment, I realise that withdrawing the feature members may be a mistake on our part. Now, we re-instate the feature, and being a true contributor to the site, your name is featured again.

Kamaljeet Kaur has left the site due to personal reason. I personally as well as professionally still used to miss her.


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