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Librarika: The Free Integrated Library System (ILS) or a New Library Management Software

I have been searching a user friendly LMS to be implemented at my workplace, I have gone through some of them until I found this one which caught my attention.

Anyone, who has an ideal about it, I need more clarifications.


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hello mwanje,

I too have been searching for a user friendly LMS and did consider Librarika but turned it down as it has a limitation of 2000 books in free version. Our library is small but has 12000 books. Another issue is it being an online tool, we wouldn't be able to handle circulation while there is no internet and they don't provide a way to export the data or back it up in case their server goes down. 

I am thinking of creating a software which serves our purpose, wondering what your requirements are.


Nahar, writing a good library software takes domain knowledge, time, effort, resources and infrastructure to provide support. Companies like us (Easylib Software) who already have a product would be a good alternative than writing a new one all together. You may call me at +91-97422-04624 Vasu 

Dear Sri Nahar,

Thanks for your post.

I am extremely pleased to learn that you have thinking to create a software by yourself. Bravo. If the Library professionals can develop indigenous software for their libraries, it will be a revolution in our much neglected field! I understand that at the beginning, it may have certain limitations but the effort is really commendable.

I wish you good luck in your effort.


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta 

sir, use NewGenLib, its free of cost 

thanks a lot sir, but NGL has to be installed on a computer to be used, but at this organization they want a LMS to run on their website.  can NGL be hosted on a website. 

Nope, NGL is a desktop based software. You can try which you can install on any wordpress site. 

thanks a lot Nahar, am also limited by the Librarika's 2000 items in the free version yet this organization's publications are over 50000. but for the LMS I would like is one that can run a the organization's website, enable circulation, cataloguing mainly. its just a resource centre and my main aim is to make easy access to books from the shelves and build in a culture of using books for research.

Thank you Mwanje for the info. The info comes at right time as I have started working on the web part of the software.

Can't tell much about Librarika. But we at Easylib can help you. I can be reached at 97422-04624 Vasu

OK sir thanks a Lot. 


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