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It is my sincere advise to young aspirants who trying to apply for KVS Librarian, if you are talented your prosperity will be nil in this organisation, only harassment, transfer and ego of authorities will spoil your personal life. You are naturally a talented when you are qualifying a national level written test. So think twice, once you trapped here you can't came out.

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Kvs is not last platform think to it also

This post has become latest and updated for discussion again since KVS has notified for new vacancies in 2015.

 Panda sir,

It seems that you have been associated with KVS. Your experience and conclusion are remarkable for all not only new comers but existing also.

On the behalf of your advices and recommendations to youth/young professional related to not joining KVS. I would like to say that, “if KVS has lots of issues (as described by you and other colleagues in forms of replies), then its good place for all those who want to become a real professional. They will get a virtual laboratory kind of environment where they can built themselves, and can prove for the concept 'total solution' for all the administrative role in library sector and as well as in other sectors. Those who will join Librarian, KVS they would get an opportunity to learn the followings without paying;

  • Talent management
  • Self-control and Anger Management
  • Controlled vocabulary and communication
  • Human relation and Management
  • Perfection in action
  • Writing and presentation skills
  • Capacity to control pressure created by circumstances
  • .... etc.

I know, "it’s difficult to manage a life in transferable job, but it should not be a reason to reject a job having policy of transfer."

I would suggest to all the young, dynamic and talented fellows to join KVS, if you get an opportunity. Never reject a job either small or big. Don't get confused by experiences of others, just think that you will change the entire existing phenomenon and take forward steps, “if you are really talented.”

My best wishes and support will remain with.


Mr. Munesh

The headline of topic itself sounds negativity, but what i mean of KVS is not a great wall of china to conquer a librarian. Youths hv high potential of enthusiasm to run along. this is the not only organisation one has opportunity to learn all these, all these things can be learned from any where / any institution where u work in a team. Thing is one should make oneself ready to learn in any situation. As far as job in life is concerned one should grab it at the first instance. When u hv choice to take then think twice.

Yes sir,

There are various, even each and every organizations are good platform to learn not only the points mentioned by me but many more, unlimited. Actually working in an organization is not 'bed of rose' then why to blame to KVS?

KVS could be good beginning for all those who are new in profession. I think it’s better than the working in a library on ad-hoc or as an outsourced manpower, having MLIS and NET. It’s depends up on you, if you are not well and unable to survive in existing set up try to migrate in different in which you think better.

Dear Panda Sir,

I can empathise with  your situation. But what I really feel is, may be some of the KVS units are being manned by the kind of authorities you have mentioned and not all of them.  Therefore it would be wrong to generalise your statement and advise youngsters against taking up jobs in KVS.  True, a note of caution is always good.

But it is also bad at the same time to blame the entire KVS for few wrong people in the organization.  This can be the case with any dynamic organization as well.  

Dear Sri Panda,

Thanks for raising an issue which attracted attention of a good number of LIS Link members. As a professional, I understand your sentiment and respect it whole heartedly! I have gone through the posts of LIS Link members and I understand the reasons and presumptions/practicalities behind such varied reactions of LISLink members!!

Incidentally, I was virtually persuaded to study Library Science by one of my senior relatives who worked in a KVS! In my youth, I often used to be impressed (fascinated to be honest) as the gentleman used to travel (actually posted)to different places, from Port Blair to Barrackpore and then to Puri and suddenly to Arunachal Pradesh (or NEFA as it was called popularly in those days!!) and then to Chandigarh and to Simla and to various small towns & big cities in southern parts of India!! I felt those places so fascinating; but with age & experience, I understood the practical problems of frequent relocations.

I can certainly understand your feelings which led you to refrain others from joining KVS service. When I joined ICMR over 3 decades ago, on the very first day, I was "welcomed" with the following sentences from one of the senior colleagues 'Arey, Bachha,tumne ICMR join kia, Tum Jante ho ICMR Cheez Kya Hai? ICMR ka arth (meaning) Kya Hai? ICMR means AISA MAAR!! However, as I look back, I must admit that I had elapsed most illustrative period of my professional career in ICMR. So you see that the perspective differs and at a particular period of time, I left ICMR after rendering service of two decades and joined in a entirely different subject field where I am about to complete 18 years shortly!! I have narrated my experience to explain that situations change with time & as I personally believe, we have to 'accommodate' ourselves within the frameworks...! I still miss my most fruitful & rewarding service life in ICMR; I also feel agony for the issues which led me to leave that job. I often recall my initial days of inertia in Social Science discipline and the time period I gradually started to 'spread my wings' in this discipline! So you know, it happens in people's lives. Very very extremely lucky few are so fortunate to enjoy their entire service life in a single place. People mainly remain attached to a single particular organization due to certain compulsions. Be they mental, or familial financial, intellectual or incidental.

I must admire you for making people aware about the pros & cons in the KVS service. this is very important to know such things beforehand (like sort of, statutory warnings!!) However, for the aspirants, I must say that KVS service is not bad at all, admittedly, it requires relocation as the service is transferable but as I presume, the salary at the initial stage seems to be quite acceptable after the 7CPC. So aspirants MUST consider it as a quite good opening. Get yourself acquainted with Governmental norms as well as fresh & vibrant student community, get opportunity to travel places and get to know our motherland better and more intensely than many of your friends & co-professionals and have a bright and enjoyable future.


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta


U well said "KVS service is not bad at all". Serving in KVS is like living in mini India, ur last para said is befitting explanation to serve in KVS. Well salary structure n many more. But if u r ambitious, talented and qualified LIS professionals surely u shall get a frustration. why, because in front of u, today's primary teacher (who is below ur cadre) becomes a principal in tomorrow, he/she become ur administrator and this is not the only last strata for them even more opportunities are lies with them. There the talented librarians got the spirit down. Otherwise, it is a very prestigious service to serve the nation.

How a person can think and can judge him/herself that he/she is an ambitious, talented and a qualified LIS professional?

 Actually these are the adjectives, which should be appraised and given by the person/community who is in profession and has been seeing the profession since many years. If, I assume that I am talented, ambitious, and qualified professional before passing any big exam or achieving any short of goal, then I must convince to myself that I am in overconfidence.

"Success is not the name of qualifying an exam. If you get a message that you are a successful person, then this message should passed by your ear only not by mind." -- For   young aspirants...

Dear Sri Panda,

Thanks for your response and putting the issues straightway (& of course for patiently  going through my lengthy narratives!!). 

You see, in our life we all do compromise big or small!. For instance, in our time, Jobs at National research Institutes were the most sought after in our profession and the (i) best and the (ii) most of the lucky individuals in the profession used to go there (I still consider myself as an individual belonging to the second group!!) But today, the picture is entirely different. Librarians' Jobs in Colleges seem to be most coveted now as they offer quite good salary and good career prospects but with virtually nil job satisfactions. As a college Librarian you do double Masters Degrees and a Ph.D. do several project works, write 50+ good standard articles but your Colleague joining with you as an Assistant Professor with a Single Masters & Ph.D may be the Principal of your College by next 16-20 years and become your boss!! So this is the irony in this profession. But one thing, if you are talented, you will certainly make your mark. In case you are ambitious, why should you remain stagnant at KVS service? rather you can use that as a spring board and move elsewhere! But, to start your career, you at least require a platform to stand upon. It is not necessary for a very competent individual to stay all along in the particular job at KVS only. But it is extremely necessary for all of us to a have platform to stand upon, a spring board to prepare ourselves for the next big leap forward and in these senses, KVS platform seems to be quite fine to me.


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta

Befitting, Inspiring, Motivating and Guiding reply sir

Thanks Sri Siddu,
But It seems that for me old age is creeping in. The tendency to "preach" which I often smell in my postings gives me the notice. It is not that I hate being old. rather I welcome it as an inevitable part of life. but certainly I hate to be stamped as a "nagging old brat"


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta

It is very difficult to map out a strategy without knowing the nitty-gritty / intrinsic nature of a organisation unless one has that much homework to understand. Many aspirants r stepped inside to make it a best stepping stone because of its GoI tag. The policy of posting n transfer along with many other standing rules n regulation may ruins one's expectation. Not all the facts n figures can be shared herewith.


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