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Dear Library Professionals,

With this forum, I would like to invite you (all) for the discussion on a very important aspect of our life, either in real or virtual that is 'Privacy'. Here, the meaning of privacy is nothing but the data which helps others to grow some idea, data, information or knowledge.

Every day we use the internet for our routine things. We log in to various remote servers and deal with several data policies with many agencies and companies. Do we really realize that

  1. What are the data we leave with them by our casual activities?
  2. How to optimize the data sharing?
  3. Which are the settings need to be checked on each interval or a period?

Let us join the discussion and answer the above questions. 

Thank you. 

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Dear Sir , I think we leave cookies with them by our casual activity. Cookie is text file It stores the website name and unique Id. It's a small text file use by website to store information about us. 

Thanks for the reply Shiva Sir,

It is all the points of our ignorance and awareness. 

Cookies are something for establishing a back-end connection between server and client-pc. Some sites don't move further until you accept their cookies. Generally, it happens in bank sites.

Apart from banks in our domain publisher's sites also ask for accepting the cookies information so that they can collect the information like IP, subject areas, hits etc. The publishers provide denial report which means a report which shows the how many queries their server has received but due to no authorization in access user did not get the article downloaded. Based on the denial report they suggest the journals, subject etc for purchase and procurement. Accepting cookies are mostly optional one can deny also. 


Dear Sir,

For managing the cookies most browser make it easy for us to clear browsing History.Just going to tools and clear history and select cookies. Cookies Are stored in our hard drive  In a text file under cookie.txt and since it is a text file it can be deleted. There are definitely  pro as well as come of Cookies. 

Pro: privacy as mentioned by you

Security is second one 

Secrecy is the third one 

Cons : convenience. Take an example. While filling any job forms details such Adrea's and other quick and efficient

Second one is personalization 

And some other. 

Yes It up to us how we can manage the cookies through setting

Sir Thanks sir you took very important  topic in present context as security is the biggest 

Concern while making transaction online. 

Thanks sir


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