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If a library used DDC as a classification scheme to classified the book then how I make book no (means I have 10 number of copy of same title .then how i make book number  accoeding to DDC which show the number of copies in the library  for example =in cc we like B56;1    B56;2     ;3 .....)

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Dear Ms. Archana Singh,

Thanks for your post.

Since each of the book will bear different Accession Numbers, the easiest way is to mention the copy number after the call No. 

Like say. you have THREE COPIES of the book Labour Economics by J.E. King bearing accession Numbers: 68709, 68710 & 68711

 You can assign Call No.  331KIN/C-1 for the book with Acc. No. 68709; 331KIN/C-2 for Acc No. 68710 & 331KIN/C-3 for Accession No. 68711. However, it will look nice if you put the Copy No. in the next line as:

331KIN  ;    331KIN   ;    331KIN                                                                                                        C1               C2               C3    

Just like that.


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta                                                                                                                        



great suggestion 

Dear Ms. Archana Singh!

you have THREE COPIES of the book Labour Economics by J.E. King bearing accession Numbers: 68709, 68710 & 68711

Class No. for Labour Economics is 331

Book No. is KIN

Copy No. is 1

Therefore Call no. will be

331  KIN;1 for 68709

331  KIN;2 for 68710

331  KIN;3 for 68711 goes on


thank you sir

If there is a book which is 5 volumes

Title Labour Economics   331

Author Preston     PRE

THEN you have 7 copies each of all 5 volumes in your library

Then what shall be call number ?

Dear Vinod!

If you have Labour Economics by Preston (5volumes-7 copies)

For Volume 1:

Class No. - 331

Book No. - PRE

Vol. No. -.1

Copy No. - ;1

Call No. 331  PRE.1;1

331  PRE.1;2

331  PRE.1;3 so on.

For Volume 2- 

331  PRE.2;1

331  PRE.2;2

331  PRE.2;3

For Volume 3-

331  PRE.3;1

331  PRE.3;2

331  PRE.3;3

Nicely replied. In which library r u serving?

Thank you,

I am working for K.S. School of Engineering and Management, Bangalore

thank you very much sir.


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Can we put the direct accession number  in spite of 1,2,3 ...followed the call number of book


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