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Dear LIS professionals,
Please tell me how can I obtain UDC number through Internet?

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Dear Arun,

Online classification is not advisable. You can get the access of UDC on trial only for 15 days. UDC is not much costly, can be afforded by any type of library with any size of the budget.

For getting the understanding and arrangements of classes you can refer the UDC online summary at

Thank you. 

Dear munesh kumar sir
In my internship time i obtain udc number through worldcat, but now i am not able to obtain.

Please do not copy-paste the classification numbers from any other institutions' OPAC. I have found many wrong classification numbers provided. Use your own way and knowledge, use Devices and make a standard number as per the content of the book.



yes, your right sir me also saw many wrong classification numbers

especially private institutions.
Following this website you can find the DDC class number of a book, putting ISBN no of book or any other information in that required field .After that you can get a appropriate result
Thank you so much

Dear Sri Arun Prasad,

I have gone through your post.

Please pardon me ; but the very first question came to my mind is why do you require UDC number from Internet? 

In case the schedule is the problem, you have to buy one. If your library is old and you are maintaining UDC as your desired Classification Scheme, then I presume you already have the schedule in your library.

Another issue is limitation of knowledge about UDC. I admit that many BLIS course do not include UDC in their course curriculum. When I did my B.Lib. our University did not have UDC in B.Lib syllabus. It was in our M.Lib. Syllabus.

Any way, if UDC is new to you, please see the Online Summary as Sri Munesh provided. Follow it properly and read the UDC schedule, gradually you will learn it. It is not advisable (nor desirable) to copy and paste Call numbers from other library because in practice every library has its own set of internal norms ( like some use depth classification while some don't) So unknowing the theory, copying any particular library may be dangerous. My opinion is don't get nervous, learn it gradually prepare the number yourself and follow a particular norm for your library and of course keep record of such norms and proceed. You will be master of UDC within a short while.


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta   

Dear siddhartha Shankar Ray sir,
thank u for ur suggestion. kindly tell me about the norms


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