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If the book purchased bill is lost how we can enter the details in the accession register?

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i think DB Donated Book list

Dear Sri T Ramabhadraiah rajiv

Thanks for your post but unfortunately, I could not make out clearly what you intended to mean actually!!

Generally, Accession of books are done within a couple of weeks of their supply along with bills. As such, loss of bills seems to be sort of a highly exceptional case!

Still, in case of loss, you may ask the supplier to send duplicate copies of the bill and you can record it in Accession Register but purchased books can never be recorded into donated book Register. In that case you will be seriously interrogated by Audit party for sure!! Because the expenditure incurred for purchase of books within a particular FY, will not match with the records in Accession Register and you may face charges of misappropriation of funds!! 

There may also be a second case, that some of the OLD Bills might be missing because of, say mis-filing. In that case, you certainly have the details of the bills in your records and specially copies will be available with your accounts section (as they have passed the bill to make payment). if you request your accounts people to provide you  the old ledger, you will be able to trace out the old bills. You can make a photocopy of the respective bill(s) to keep your record intact. In that case if you keep a note in your Accession Register indicating "Retained Xerox Copies only" your purpose will be served.

Hope I could explain the issue to your satisfaction.


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta

Yes sir get the duplicate bill from the suppler. 


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