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How many states are having library legislation in India?

How many states are having Library legislation in India. Please provide me exact information. If it is possible to provide state and year then please mention.  This question is from UGC NET (LIS) Dec 2010, Objective question.

Options are

a) 7 states

b) 10 states

c) 13 states

d) 16 states.  

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All are false. Write a letter to the UGC, through the co-ordinator of your NET exam (venue) about this mistake.

i) Andhra Pradesh (Hyderabad) Public Libraries Act, 1960;
ii) Arunachal Pradesh Public Libraries Act, 2009*;
iii) Bihar Public Libraries Act, 2007;
iv) Chattisgarh Public Libraries Act, 2007;
v) Goa Public Libraries Act, 1993;
vi) Gujarat Public Libraries Act, 2001;
vii) Haryana Public Libraries Act, 1989;
viii) Karnataka (Mysore) Public Libraries Act, 1965;
ix) Kerala Public Libraries Act, 1989;
x) Maharashtra Public Libraries Act, 1967;
xi) Manipur Public Libraries Act, 1988;
xii) Mizoram Public Libraries Act, 1993;
xiii) Orissa Public Libraries Act, 2001;
xiv) Pondichery Public Libraries Act, 2007;
xv) Rajasthan Public Libraries Act, 2006;
xvi) Tamil Nadu (Madras) Public Libraries Act, 1948;
xvii) Uttar Pradesh Public Libraries Act, 2005;
xviii) Uttarakhand (Uttaranchal) Public Libraries Act, 2005 and
xix) West Bengal Public Libraries Act, 1979.

* Note: We have doubt about the Arunachal Pradesh Public Libraries Act, 2009.

Thanks a lot sir,  Some days ago you have provide one list which was just near of 16 so I have gone with 16 state.
Thanks Badan for updating my knowledge about Arunachal Pradesh PL Act. But I think Bihar Public Library act was passed in 2008.

Arunachal Pradesh Public Libraries Act. 2009 is right for satisfaction you may see in site of RAJA RAMMOHUN ROY FOUNDATION.

You can answer 16 though correct answer is 18 which is not in option.
There are in India 19 public library Acts.

19 States have implemented Library  Legislation.They are  Tamil Nadu(1947).Andhra Pradesh (1960), karnataka (1965),Maharashtra (1967),west Bengal ( 1979)Manipur(1988),Kerala(1989), Haryana(1989) Mizoram(1993), Goa((1993)Gujarath (2000) Orissa(2000),Uttar Pradesh(2005),Uttar Khand(2005),Rajasthan(2006),Pondicherry(2008)

Bihar(2008),chattisgarh(2008)And Arunacha Pradesh(2009)

1) Tamil Nadu ? 1948 
2) Andhra Pradesh - 1960 
3) Karnataka - 1965
4) Maharashtra - 1967
5) West Bengal - 1979
6) Manipur - 1988

7) Kerala - 1989
8) Haryana - 1989

9) Mizoram - 1993
10)Goa - 1993
11)Gujarat - 2000
12)Orissa - 2002
13)Uttarakhand - 2005
14)Rajasthan - 2006
15)Uttar Pradesh - 2006
16)Chattisgarh - 2007
17)Bihar - 2008
18)Arunachal Pradesh - 2009

Note: I got news from authentic sources that
Pondicherry did not pass the Public Library Act and is still in pipeline.

With regard to Orissa, the date is often given as
2001, but the Act is tabled in Assembly in 2001 but approved by Governor on
March 11, 2002. Hence the Act came into force from 2002.

hello sir u know U.P and U.K. are not having library legislation. its only on websites.

Nice work ma'am

lakshdeep missing sir

Tamil nadu-1948

AP             -1960



Weat bengal_1979

Manipur    -1988

Kerala      -1989



goa    -1994













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