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How  a Library Professional especially females can earn like other professionals without having a job. How they establish their own way of working and work from home like teachers (Coaching Center), Doctors (Clinic), Is there any idea?

1) Please suggest how a Library Professional can earn by blogger? 

2) After Retirement is there any source of income for professional if  there is no pension scheme for employee?

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I am working hard on this. Hopefully, there will be a series of workshop under the banner of my working institute or under the banner of LIS Links that will impart necessary skills to work in this line. You cane expect it to be in the month of January, 2014 onwards.
Here is a quick answer to your question. However in real sense you will not be able to make a single dollar without the experience and vast amount of knowledge.
1. With Blogger, you can earn money just by posting high-quality original content on your favourite topics. Blogger has a dedicated Monetise tab that allows you to easily place AdSense ads on your blog. More information is available at:

Dr. Barman,

Thank you so much for quick reply. I'm also interested to help our professionals to work from home, Dr. Barman if you require any assistance in this line, I'm always happy to help.  

Thanks Aziz

But how can register and how can earn money.

Agree with Mr. Aziz.  Informational Professional has only knowledge and skill from that need to make money. Who come to you?? who is knowledge hungry.

In past Librarian require in Pharma or Biotech or software company. why bcos most of material books, journals are in hard copy and require person to handle and maintain even though it has no knowledge of pharma or software every company hire information professional.. Then come Floppy - CD/DVD and almost gone...

Now Today all publishing go digital no more work in physical library so every person in company can find whatever he want directly from internet and publisher without going to company library or near by big library. So library person in corporate only maintain on-line subscription and request from members.  Now in digital age even any employee can buy any thing from Credit card from his desk without going to his company library. 

Main question MONEY - where money come from - Mostly from Business ONLY . bcos they are generating money. Other are there like GOVT research, Organization , general people.

Business will compensate far more for your skill then educational and non-profit org or govt org.

For example above mention book is available at $10 , if any business person want it he will buy it from online. if available in india then he will buy from india. if available between 5-8 $ he will try there. BUT time is main factor for them to get it along with price. but if need in govt and edu institute every body know that they simply tern down the request to buy it or somebody give free then they will take it. General people always look for free, time dos't matter.

so your approch to industry and business to sal eyour skill can earn more money in less time. 

I didn't read this book but in this week I will read it and tell you more from that.


Dear Anita,
Here is the guideline
1. Develop a Blog / Website on your interest. Write a minimum of 20 pages over the Blog or Website. (you should not copy and paste content from other websites).
2. Promote your blog through email, facebook, twitter and all other possible method.
3. When you reached at least 1,000 hits in a day (its very tough for some people and very easy for the others) then apply for Google Adsense ( and Infolinks ( Kindly note both Google Adsense and Infolinks will not accept you unless you have good quality content and receive a good number of hits in a day.
4. When Google Adsense or Infolinks accounts will be approved start displaying ads.
5. You can earn in between $1-$5 in a day against 1,000 hits. So if your website used to receive 20,000 hits in a day, you can earn approx Rs. 1,200 - Rs. 6,000 in a day. This job is very much easy for someone who have a vast amount of internet knowledge and a dream for other beginner.
I am sorry to say that you will not be accepted for Adsense. The layout and content will prevent you from being accepted by Google Adsense.
You have a huge number of posts. Its good, however most of the content are copied from other websites and it is against Adsense terms and conditions. Even in case your Adsense application is approved by mistake, your account will be terminated within a few days. I request you to firstly learn about Blogging. It is a great tool for those who are serious and strictly follow the guidelines of Google. It is a devastating investment for those who violate the rules.

Dear Ms. Manavta Jugeshh,

Many thanks for your yous and for addressing a really burning question. Indeed it is a matter of concern for many of us who do not have pension facilities and especially to all of us who joined Central Govt. Service on or after 01-1-2005.

As I see it, in case one has knowledge and aptitude and above all, the professional & mental abilities to adjust with changing concept of Library service, getting employment after retirement is not a very hard matter.

You can also develop a society with some like minded and highly qualified professionals and earn through consultancy and project jobs. However, you need to establish your identity & credibility as prerequisite during your professional career.

Earning by writing blogs is also a good option. But for both the two (Consultant/ Retired Librarian &  Blogger) one needs to be highly knowledgeable and well informed in one hand, on the other s/he should be able to write FLAWLESSLY and LUCIDLY. Especially while addressing certain issues, one has to express the issue from others' points of views!!

Writing theoretical discourses (like Philosophy of Library Science or Comparative evaluation of different Classification Schemes etc.) in foreign blogs earns good sums in Indian Currency, besides, in case you are spotted as a good writer, you will get approaches from people. As I understand writing three such materials a day (nearly 300 -330 words each) is quite possible and each such write ups can earn $18.47 each on an avarage (that means around Rs. 1100/-) and in certain cases for subject related issues one can earn even $29.78 (nearly Rs.1800/-) per article! In case you are a registered blogger in a Third Party Blog, the price is negotiable and it often depend on how popular your articles are!! As a successful professional blogger you can write 30-40 articles per month at the minimum and 130-140 at the maximum.

In course of time when you are established as a professional blogger,  you can try for one of your own so that every penny you earn it is all yours!!


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta


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