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Duties, Responsibilities and Job Allocation of Library Staff in Engineering College

Dear Sir / Madam

I want know how jobs are distributed among Librarian, Assistant Librarian, Library Assistant, Library Information Assistant, Library Clerk,Junior Assistant and  Attender according order lower to upper and Who will maintain the Digital Library  in the Engineering college.

With Thanks and regards


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   Can I have student /library staff ratio in an engineering college ?

Librarian shall be overall administrative incharge of the Library. Various sections and specific locations/jobs can be distributed amongst AL, LA, LIA LC etc. Digital Library must be directly and regular supervision of Librarian , because that is the USP of the Library and has to be perfect always. It can be handled by AL.


As per the collection of books and nature of service we divide the duties to the staff.

For Example. In our library there are 58,689 books so far.

In our library we have 13 members.

Librarian-1---Asst. Librarian-1---Library Assts.-2---Jr. Asst.4------Tech. Asst. 1-----Attenders - 3

Binder - 1

We divide Reference and text book 2 persons 

Journals  - 1

like we divide all the staff members as allotted work in shifts.

Murthy- Sr. Library Asst

GMR Institute of Technology

Rajam, Srikakulam Dist.

Andhra Pradesh

Dear Sir, Kannan

All the replies are quite logical and exact to the real and tentative arrangements in libraries in India. It is quite difficult to narrate a universal job allocation policy, publically on an open platform. It depends up on library and varies from libraries to libraries, that which type of job they have.  It’s role of librarian and its colleagues that how they are working and the works are being shared. The things have been changed. The full environment has completely changed what is written a book of Library management (not a specific book ...any book on the similar topic.). Now due to the MIS and LMS, it’s very difficult to say that now section exists in libraries. Yes sections do exist but now the daily works are quite interrelated can’t be said that what is core work? And employee also cannot state their work, in a fixed words. 

The works may route/pass in a channel called Librarian - Dy-librarian - Assistant Librarian - Senior Technical/professional Assistant - Professional Assistant - Junior Library Assistant- and others. Now due to LMS the message/information/order comes from top and then after its completion the same work goes to senior authority for checking, verifying, correcting, validating, approving etc. Now the data entry operator and Clark they may exist at any stage as per the needs and policy of library. 

Sir, if you need more practical information for allocating jobs and policy implementing you may please visit any similar library of yours and from there you can mine the information related to work and you can communicate with authority also for getting some core inputs. I welcome you.

Thanking you…


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