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Dear all, I need information on copyright violation, here below are some queries you to address.

1. How many pages can we photocopy in a book and is there any particular count.

2. Provide me if any G.O. or court order available on this issue.

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Dear Sir,

It's very simple funda which can clear all the doubts and also an answer of all the questions related to violation of copyright.

  • If you need some piece of information from a book, make your own notes instead of photocopying.
  • Purchase the book if you have the need of whole chapters. 
  • This will save the time for research without any trouble.

Thank you. 

Dear Munesh,

We provide photocopy service to our students and staff in our library from the library material like books, technical papers, journal articles etc. Now we are implementing ISO 270001 in our organization, our auditor asked us not to take photocopies from the library material as it is a copyright violation. We discussed with him that there are some rules which we can provide reprography service to the students. If you have those rules kindly provide us.

Dear Sir,

There are lots of discussion and argument providing the photocopy for academic/teaching is not the violation of Copyright Law, then a question comes, for whom a book is being written? If an academician claims that he/she take the photocopy for reading/teaching then who are others referring the books.

To be very practical, photocopy completely make a book less important. Photocopy practice in the libraries should include only rare books, out of publication titles, newspaper, magazine article, journal article, notes, question papers and photocopy of the multi-volume handbooks in some special cases etc.

Thank you. 

Dear Sri A. Madhava Rao,

Thanks for your post and addressing a highly complicated, complex,contradicting and summarily confusing issue. One may certainly be surprised on my use of a stream of adjectives (or, to be true, superlative adjectives!) But the whole issue is certainly (a) a Complicated issue; (b)a complex issue and (c) contradicting issue as well in the Indian context, &(d) summarily, as a whole, it is a confusing issue.

I have provided a link to an article published by Sri Ayush Sharma of National Law Institute University published in the November 2009 issue (Vol.14) of Journal of Intellectual Property Rights. (I had read this article several times and the number of times I read it more confused I had been!! Incidentally, I placed this article in 2011 to one committee of a GOI Institute comprising seasoned bureaucrats from AG & DACR and unfortunately, they could not deduce any concrete suggestions/ recommendations!!)

As you have received instruction from the Auditors, You may consider for a tricky action. just submit a copy of this article to them for their advise. In case they come up with a concrete proposal for implementation, please post it in this forum for the benefit of the LIS fraternity.

With Regards,

Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta

I appreciate the reply of Sri Munesh Kumar for his so "simple" solution!!

Thank you Mr. Siddhartha Shankar Ray. I certainly will do that.

Thank You, Sir, for the kind appreciation. 

thanks for the information

Dear sir

photocopying and digitization for academic purpose is not copyright vialation. I am going to preset a paper on this issue in coming international seminar at Goa next month. Since it is not published i would not like to say more about this.

I prove this by three evidences

1. 2012 copyright amendment

2. RTI collected by me

3. Delhi high court judgement

Thanking YOu


Calicut university Kerala


After publishing, please do share the said documents along with your paper.

Sir, a published article does not carry a guarantee certificate with it that nothing will be out the box or the wrong direction.

Digitisation right is reserved by the publishers and now a day almost all the publishers are digitizing their old books and journals are digitizing and making them available for readers as BACK VOLUME or OLD TITLES. 

I don't know what justification is being applied behind this the statement, "photocopying and digitization for the academic purpose is not copyright violation"; since a book useful in academic is written only for academicians. 

If an academician thinks him/herself exempted by this statement then to whom you will catch violating the copyright?. 

Thank you. 

Dear Janab, Nasiruddin T Sahab,

Thanks for your post and congratulation in advance for your article.

However, the term "academic" as an Adverb of purpose is quite deceptive like the terms fair use!! Often we knowingly or unknowingly cross the threshold of legitimacy by using the phrase. As I understand, the Copyright has certain age restrictions and beyond that it is 'open'  You must be knowing the itineraries of Licensing  of e-materials and there are certain norms.

Here in India, we openly exchange "XEROX COPIES" and get Scott Free!! while in U.S. if you want to photocopy just one article from a registered journal, you have to pay at the Copyright Clearance Centre.   For a better understanding you may please consult the WIPO website.


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta


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