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B.Com Journals and Magazine (Print/Online and Subscription/Open Access)

I need the name of Journals and magazines (Print/Online and Subscription/Open Access) for B.Com. programme. If any body knows please suggest me.

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Decision (1 Year)

Finance India

Foreign Trade Review

IIMB Management Review (1 Year)

Indian  Journal Of Marketing

Indian Journal of Corporate Governance

Indian Journal of Finance

Journal of creative communications

Journal of Emerging market Finance

Journal of Human Values

Journal of South Asian Development

Journal on Management

Metamorphosis: A Journal of Management Research


Review of Market Integration

South Asian Journal of Macroeconomics and Public Finance

SouthAsian journal of Business and Management Cases

The Indian Journal Of Industrial Relation

The IUP Journal of Bank management

The IUP Journal of Brand Mgmt

The IUP Journal of Business Strategy

The IUP Journal of Corporate governance

The IUP Journal of Financial Risk Management

The IUP Journal of Knowledge Management

The IUP Journal of Marketing Management

The IUP Journal of Operations Management

The IUP Journal of Organizational Behavior

The IUP Journal of Soft Skills

The Journal of Entrepreneurship

Vikalpa : The Journal for Decision Makers

Vision- The Journal of Business Perspective

Thanks Sir

Dear Friend,

As you might be knowing, Journals and magazines are not the documents dealing directly with the syllabus. These are very high, technical, specific publications which deal with almost all the issues related to the domain from bottom to top. 

But still, you can decide  from following good magazines and journals for subscription 

  1. RBI Bulletin
  2. NIBM's Banker's Brief(
  3. Banking Technology
  4. Economy Political Weekly
  5. Computer Express
  6. Business Today
  7. India Today
  8. Harvard Business Review
  9. The Economist
  10. Big Data Quarterly 
  11. Financial IT
  12. Digital Banking
  13. Global Brand Magazine

These magazines might be higher in order of knowledge student may not understand what they read but if they start following these magazines they will be very much updated in their domain and can influence any Interview and group discussion group in their favor. 

Thank you. 

thanks sir

Dear Sri Tanmoy Saha,

I saw your post and am glad to observe that you are taking efforts to provide Journals & Magazines to UG level students. It is really commendable! If the students are introduced to literature other than those in textbooks, certainly their level of knowledge & expertise will improve and they will be able to perform better during selection process.

EPW (Economic & Political Review) [1] is the best Indian journal but it is a research Journal of higher standard. But it will help the teachers preparing better teaching materials for the students. There are two News Magazines namely Far Eastern Economic Review (2)  & The Economist (3). These two will  enable the students (& teachers as well) to have an idea & exposure to global scenario.

Indian Journal of Commerce (4) is another journal on "Core Commerce" Next is "Yojana" (5) which is an excellent serial to know about Got. Policies etc. and lastly, "Vikalpa" (6) a publication by Sage & IIM, Ahmadabad.

I saw the list recommended by Ms. JyotiI  & Mr. Munesh Kumar. They are indeed extremely good, but as you wanted journals/Magazines for UG level, (S.Com) I  personally feel that if you subscribe to these 6 journals, it is more than enough for a UG Institute.


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta

Thank you sir for your valuable suggestion. 

For Open Access Journals you can access:


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