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Artificial Reality in Libraries: Perspectives of Library Professionals

Respected Sir/Madam, 
         I am doing a survey regarding "Perspectives of library professionals in Artificial Realities in Libraries". I wish to collect your valuable response. So, I kindly request you to complete the online questionnaire in the following link.
Thank you
Shibin S. B.

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Dear Shibin,

Why did you choose this topic for research whereas there are lots of problems (unsolved)?
Indeed it is a very good topic, looking forward to technology immigration but it is not possible to deploy in an environment which is not properly functional.

People will respond to your questions(in the questionnaire) but, I guess those will be hypothetical based on imagination or imported idea. 

What do you feel? 

Thank you. 

Dear Sir,

    I know this is a topic which is not familiar to everyone. But, we need to develop technologies inside the libraries using latest trends to promoting the usage of library. That's why I have selected this topic and collecting perspectives of professionals in our community.

Thank you.

It sounds great but, collecting folks opinions assumes the existence of the system.

Go ahead... 

Thank you.

Thank you Sir.

Dear Friend,

I would appreciate you for selecting this topic. Yes I agree we  need to develop techologies 
used by libraries to engage its audience, not only with the latest technology but also with the goal in
mind of ensuring a proper approach to teaching information literacy.

Best of Luck

You are right Sir.

Thanks for your inspiration.


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