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Any Simpler and Free Library Automation Software than Koha?

Hello All,

Hope you are having a good day. I am new to this forum and new to LIS in general. I found this resourceful site Googling the difference between Accession No vs Call No vs Book No, and I must confess that's all I know of library automation. 

Two weeks ago, my friend asked to help digitalize our local library which has over 12,000 books. Being a software developer and one totally ignorant of the problem at hand, I readily said yes and installed Koha. After a week of fiddling, my friend came back saying Linux was hard, so I reinstalled Koha on windows for them. They did manage to get over 3000 books into Koha but now they find Koha to be hard for an average volunteer to use. Most people who manage books here work as clerks or primary school teachers and volunteer their time in library.

So now I am looking for a simple free alternative that a minimally trained layman can use, if possible running on windows. Any suggestions are welcome. 



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Try the NewGenLib Software ...

NewGenLib looks great, more featurepacked than koh, but my gut feeling says it may be a bit too complex for an untrained eye. I'll anyway show it to them and see the response. Thank you for the suggestion.

how to install koha please send your mobile number i want to install koha

I am not sure if I will be of much help, anyhow I will be happy to help the way I can. You can reach me on 9744410015.


You can go for Mandarin M3... It's very easy to Install and and even a layman can operate it after a minimal understanding.

It can be found at

It's a full working Demo (no limitation).... All you need to request them online to send you the download demo

Thank you for the helpful suggestion. Its bit of a cryptic interface, very organised but  maybe not for the layman. Looks like I will have to create simple tool. 

Sir, are u using it ?

Yea, I created a new tool and our library has started using it. You can try it here if you wish, its still under work. 

Sir how to import all record (excel file)in it

Well, there isn't an easy method to do it yet but it will be implemented in future as time allows. You can mail ( the excel sheet and I will generate a database for you.

abdal bhai how to download 


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