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Different Accession No. for Procured Books and Donated Books

Dear forum members,

Is it necessary  to maintain separate Acc. registers for purchased books and donated books in the library.

If so, which no. may be given to identify the copy of  same donated book, which is in sequential order of

main Acc. register. Please clarify my doubt.

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maintain different Acc. register.

Not necessary to maintain separate Acc. number/register, unless management demands. Purchased books and donated books can be differentiated and identified by adding remarks in catalogue records (remarks/ notes etc. field).

Hope this helps.

Acc No for purchase book 000001, 000002, 000003 and for Doanted Book D00001, D00002, D00003 and so on...

relay write sir 

here is two type of library material one is  book and send is non books

you write two acc reg.for  book and non books

then you maintain sub reg. 

depend on librarian  to maintain different Acc. reg.or add. in main adding different remark

very simple

    you needed Two different acc register for purchase and gift and then  you can add donated books as  G-1 , G-2 , G-3 ...........G represent Gift

and for purchase bokks simple counting as.1, 2,3 will save the space of acc. column in register and easy to identify the difference between purchase and gift  and also for BOOK Bank B-1,B-2 , B-3 ............ 

use single AC.register. It is using for correct statistic for books. But in remarks column mentioned as "gift" or "donation" in Manual as well as database.

It will be good to maintain seprate register for purchased books and donated books. Some time it is required for audit purpose.

Dear Sri Sankar Kumar Panayam,
Thanks for your post.
I have gone through all the other replies by our Forum members and I presume it may add to more confusion.
However, I personally feel that if yours is a govt. funded organization you should go by Ashok Bhatt Saab and Shaveta Arora Madam. That means you have to maintain two separate Acc. Registers and do exactly what Sri Bhatt & ms. Arura have suggested.

There are valid reasons behind their suggestions as I believe. In Govt. funded Orgn.s you are subjected to audit verification. It will me easier and more transparent if you maintain two different registers and put numbers as suggested. For donated books we often disregard the edition validity, that means we often keep books of comparatively old edition while for purchased books it is against the general rules. If you maintain single Acc. Register to record both purchased and gifted books you have to clarify every time. Maintaining separate registers always save you from such unnecessary queries. Besides, you will be able to exhibit the statistics in a more compact way. It will also help you to keep clear accounts of financial expenditures vis-a-vis budget allocation.


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta

We made separate accession number in my library . Numbers starting from D0001 is donated books; J0001 is Junior college books; S00001 is Senior college books, T0001 is text books ; and U0001 is UGC books. This will be easier to keep record. Donated books are often complementary copies or general fiction which can be write off after some years. We need to have books purchased under UGC grant so it is easy to make the report . Same way in NAAC ask no. of text books and subject books/reference books separately, if we keep separate no. for text books it is easy to maintain the record. Also we have to write off as soon as syllabus changed , In that case easy to put withdraw stamp in text books. If we merge all the books in one acc register difficult to find out the numbers in each category. If we keep separate acc. no.s then software also gives itemwise number of books, which gives a complete layout of the library while accessing OPAC. 

It is not necessary to maintain two different register. I am writing this through my experience. But it is important to mention the source ( either gift or donation) in remarks column .


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