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Dear Library Professionals,
I have an interview for Ph.D. admission next week. Can you guys suggest me what type of question may be asked?

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Do more practice of questions especially related to methodology, objectives, scope of the research and how worthy is the research study. while giving presentations Be precise and up to the points and reminding yourself that i  can do it and going to get  seat in research.  

Thank You Sir

Dear Friend,

Please use the proper and formal vocabulary during your 'visit to the institution' and interview. Whatever you would say(either right or wrong), only your words will carry the significant role in securing the marks. 

Avoid the vocabularies like, "Can you guys suggest "

Thank you.

Thank You sir

Dear Janab Hafijul Mondal Sahab,

Thanks for your post.

As I understand, there may be two types of interviews: One, where you have a selected topic on which you intend to do Research. The other is the university intends to assess some NET cleared Ph.D aspirants and select on the basis of their interview performance.

For the first one, it is always expected that you have a detailed whereabouts of the topic and you have solid reasons/backgrounds for choosing the topic.

Next comes its applicability and academic importance.

You MUST have adequate access  to necessary "tools" to conduct the research and handling experience of the "tools" [for example, you are supposed to conduct Scientometric study of a particular subject for a certain period of time; now you MUST have adequate access to databases relating to the subject concerned; in case your study is related to a DISCIPLINE (say, Life Science Research), you need to focus Individually upon subjects like Biochemistry, Microbiology, Virology, Immunology, Biotechnology & so on) and YOU MUST have some 'seed knowledge/background' on the subjects. meaning at least Hons. in any Life Science Subject during your U.G study and you MUST have access to the databases relating to Life Science.

You should have a good understanding about the state of Life Science Research at the present days and you certainly have a good understanding of Bibliometrics, Citation analysis, impact factors, H index etc.]

It is quite likely that 80% of the interview will be based upon these two issues because they are the CORE ISSUES of your research.

You may also be questioned for choosing the specific time period as well.

Now they can certainly ask about your "peripheral knowledge" as well which relates to basic aspects of LIS.

As I mentioned earlier you may also be asked about academic and practical importance of your work

In the second type, they will assess your ability to analyze issue; your knowledge of various Methodologies of Research, Your preferences/fondness and reasons for doing Research. You may be asked to explain in ten/fifteen sentences about how you or why you choose to do research etc. 

Based upon my own experience, these, in my opinion, might be the probable questions.

With Best Wishes for your Research Efforts,

Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta


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