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Dear All,

I've compiled around 3500 Unique Match MCQ in LIS, When checking with some publishers they said the cost involved goes up four times for each colour used and the use of colours is just a decorative factor. 

So I am thinking for printing it in pocket book/flash card series 500 Match MCQ or 100 match MCQ  Like 7 pocket book series, at the same time looking for publishers according to my needs/vision to get printed it in high quality paper 130gsm-170gsm or synthetic paper. 

Advantages for using colour code is very easy to understand and no one can photocopy/xerox the materials. If they want they have to go for color only so the cost involved is same whther they have purchase the book from the publisher or make a photocopy. 

Looking for your feedback on the same is this a decorative factor or unique way for thinking

Here is an example: Match MCQ Code.pdf


Abilash A 

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Dear Sir,

Really, I appreciate your efforts of coloring the text. I admire your hard work though if you have done using some formula or CSS code. Color helps to kid in remembering the things but here we are all quite grown up we may not need the attention of colors. Colorful book is good to read in the light of Sun else will lead difficulty for the eyes. My point, instead of printing in colors you may go with the conventional method, Black-White. As we all know content only carries the meaning not the physical attributes of the contents. 
It's only my point to meet the budget for printing and buying the book.  

Thank you. 

Many thanks Abilash,

It is excellently composed.Thanks for the labour and passion you have put for its development.

The use of colour in order to prevent/restrict photocopying is certainly a good idea from the publisher's point of view. I thinks Sri Munesh Kumar might have missed this point. However, I fully agree with  him for other issues he has raised for uses of color. Additionally, may I take this opportunity to remind you (for consideration) of the first Four of Ranganathan's great Five Laws of Library Science?

With all the good wishes for your wonderful job.

Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta

Respected Sir,

To be a very honest, the idea of the 'quality of photocopy of a colorful book/chapter' was not in my mind. Since I practice/prefer reading more from the books and making notes, computer screen reading(scanned e-books).

I will justify my forgetness as I don't prefer photocopying the books. Sir, you might have noticed my comments on photocopy related forums; I narrate my very own way of carrying a content in hand-written format. Now a day people are taking the snaps on their mobile which is as good as scanned one. 

Sir, It's a post-publication problem which you addressed prior. Thank you for moral encouragement and concluding remarks. 

Exactly Munesh,

I whole heartedly appreciate your honest and open minded comments.

I fully understand the your consensus and that my comments are for post production. Again, I  admit that the reason behind Sri Abilash Achuthan's is also to be taken in mind. He has developed a "good product" and certainly, he will expect a good worth. There is no wrong in it as I feel. I have my own reason too. We all know about ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution) and many of us are unaware that it was discovered in Calcutta in late 70's by Dr. Dilip Mahalanabis & his team and the trial was conducted at local ID Hospital with active participation of my previous office National Institute of Cholera & Enteric Diseases (ICMR) at Calcutta under the fantastic leadership by Dr. S.C. Pal & Dr. B.C. Deb. Had the product been patented, even the staircases of the institute might have been plated by pure gold!! but they opted to not to impose patent rights for the 'Welfare of Humankind'! Now, because of the prevailing policy of the government, the Institute is facing severe budget crunch and many of us have a general feeling that it should have been patented keeping in mind the interest of the Institute!!

I have sort of jokingly elicited the context of Great 5 Laws. As a professional I feel in the same line. It is a confusing case of prioritizing Heart or Head and if one intends to put the principles of dictionary, Head precedes Heart!!


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta

Dear Sir,

           It is not very unique idea at all for the publication media, earlier we have seen various text books of NCERT and so many states Govt. initiatives in this regards. But in the field of LIS and LIS Curriculum this is truly highly appreciated works done by you. So many MCQ types books are in LIS field but almost are the copied to each others and same errors are in the all books, you need to unique in this regards whatever you are going to publish. And in respect of photocopy or xerox, there is no way to escaping such situations what ever measure you take in the current era. Therefore,  my suggestion that makes a error free books giving compact ideas whatever we have unknown still now in our field with less coloring

Thanking You.

With regards,

Sumit Chakraborty



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