What is the Difference Between ISSN and ISBN

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ISSN means International Standrad Serial Number

ISBN means International Standard Book Number.

Every book has its unique ISBN no.

Journal are alloted ISSN no. Which used for the every issue of the same journal.


Dear sir,

ISSN Consists of 8 digits where as ISBN  consists of 13 digits.For more details about ISSN ,kindly refer to Mr.Jitendranath Pathak's forum.(posted on April 13 ,2013)

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Dear Bhati, Kindly dont take it otherwise. As a Library and Information Science professionals I think we should know what is a Library, who is Ranganathan? All these comes under basic knowledge of the subject. It may be possible that even a few LIS professionals dont know who is Ranganathan, ISBN, ISSN, etc etc. In such cases they should search over Internet, in libraries and should gather some knowledge about it before asking it to someone else.

Why I am saying so? As because if you dont have a knowledge about these frequently appeared words/concept then you dont have the right to be here in this profession.

I remember that you posted this discussion several times, and I deleted it every time, but this time I thought of approving it so that I can scold you. :-)

When I become rough to someone, people used to say, LIS Links was developed by him, so he can say anything......bla bla bla.. even such a few members left the site and deleted their account but it will rather destroy them. I am not trying to defend myself here but the point is,  we have some minimum expectation from each and every member and when they unable to meet that minimum standard, we used to be angry.

I am not going to answer your queries but I hope you will search for it and will collect the answer yourself. :-)

Very nice suggestion:

It is a discussion forum. It is requested that no member post such type of questions.


Dear Badan Barman 

Thanks for your good comment  I always ready for this type of comment to improve myself

but I would know about the both number we can use in a same book or individual

rest I knew

thanks once again  

Dear Badan Barman,

           You are in right and responsible way because  this forum has some high status and standardization and we will be always with you.....guide to young professionals.

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love your honesty 

ISSN-International Standard Serial Number

ISBN-International Standard Book Number

ISSN means- International Standrad Serial Number and it contains 8 digits no.where as an

ISBN means -International Standard Book Numberand it contains only 13 digits no.

Every book has its unique ISBN no. where as 

Journals are alloted for ISSN no. Which used for the every issue of the same journal.


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