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Dear All,

Please help me in classification of below:

Classify the following titles according to Colon Classification (Ed.6, reprint).  
(a) Products of milk in Himalayan States.
(b) Biogeography of rivers of Rajasthan.
(c) Australia’s armament policy after 1999.
(d) History of Germany during 1955-1967.
(e) Temperature in China during summer of 1995.
(f) Elections of lower house in democratic country.
(g) Wages of unskilled married male labour in Madhya Pradesh.
(h) Foreign trade between India and UK.
(i) Dry farming of pules.
(j) Architecture of University library building in Indian style.

Classify the following titles according to Dewey Decimal Classification Ed. 19th

(a) Chemical engineering patents.
(b) General collection of address in Sanskrit language.
(c) Punjabi – Russian dictionary.
(d) Study and teaching of organic chemistry.
(e) Journal of local self government.
(f) Falk-tales of Rajasthan.
(g) Special libraries in Bihar.
(h) Use of Hindi words in Urdu language.
(i) Dictionary of education.
(j) Ethics of economist.

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Dear Sunil JI,

Honestly I am sharing, I need help in attached file. I am currently working and also doing BLIB from Distance.

I have to submit my assignment  and yet not completed.

Please help me.



Dear Jayesh

It seems it is your class assignment what you want us to do.

Thank you. 

Dear Munesh JI,

Yes this is an assignment but due to work schedule I am not able to continue so need help

I have to submit my assignment  and yet not completed.

Please help me.


product of milk in Himalayan states.


             Kx = Animal Husbandry

             :    = connecting symbol

             7   =  harvesting / production

             1   = milk

              4497 = Himalayan states ( from Geo. space)


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plz in question ka reply kr do mujhe assignment krna h


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