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As I am retiring at the end of February, 2018 from LIS Links to re-dedicate myself to my Department of Library and Information Science, Gauhati University and plan to work in some other projects related to Library and Information Science, it's time to express my appreciation for the great friendships I have had here at LIS Links over the past 10 years. I have written two articles on LIS Links and I hope it will let all of you know about this wonderful platform. You can imagine the job of working as an administrator of a social network platform. It has really been rewarding and discouraging, carefree and tense, delightful and hateful days since 26th February, 2008.


The LIS Links platform will be entirely left to our dedicated LIS Links members and I feel good about them and their activity will be monitored by the moderators. I feel good that I am leaving my work in the capable hands of my moderators and dedicated members. Leaving entirely from LIS Links will not be easy and as such I will oversee the LIS Links from February 26, 2018 onwards.


I have genuinely enjoyed working with our professionals friends from all over India and beyond. I have loved my job as the creator, administrator, moderator and content contributor to LIS Links. I will miss my co-workers and will miss each of you dearly, but never fear; you haven't seen the last of me!


Whenever you make a plan to visit Guwahati, Assam kindly make a plan to visit the Department of Library and Information Science, Gauhati University too. I hope you will accept the standing invitation. Let's keep in touch!

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Dear Sir,

My best wishes for your new assignment.

As a library professional i have been always thankful to you for providing such platform.

This is one of the significant contribution in the field of Library Science.

Thank you for everything which I got from LIS Links.

Dear Sir,

We're really going to miss you, but never forgotten. You've done so much for all of us. Your guidance and encouragement have helped us a lot for qualifying Net/Set examination.

Thank you for everything you've done and enjoy yourself!


Allana College of Architecture, Pune.

Dear Badan,

As a batch-mate I know you as an untiring with a heap of knowledge discovering and inventing new ideas on LIS.  LISlink has been a successful platform in uniting, sharing ideas and information on LIS for LIS professionals and others too.

So, Retirement from LISlink can be understood that we are going to see you in more responsible height of LIS that will be benefited for all LIS professionals.

Wishing you all the best for your new assignment.

With Regards,

Dear Sir,

            Just before I have seen your post in link and little bit confused what happen to you that make you adamant to left your job but when I go through  the entire message, I just started to recount your contributions as a moderator of this platform. I have seen your alertness in the every moment regarding any current post or it may be any discussions you  have always shown your keen interest. So, your retirement from the platform means somehow we will deprive from something.

        As a Junior library professional my blessing always with you and your entire family.

Thanking You.

Very truly yours,

Sumit Chakraborty

DCPL ;Data Centre

Kolkata ; Salt lake.

Dear Sir ,

 Its very shocking as you are retiring from have done so much for all of 

us which we never forget.There is a major part of LIS-LINK to stand proudly in our 

profession.....Really we miss you lot.My best wishes are always with you for your new


Thanking you.

Sunita Gunjal




Dear Sir,

I am a bit disappointed with the information personally but happy for you. We have always seen you as a mentor and guide to look up for. And the one who is approachable and have never given up on the fellow colleagues. I wish you all the very best for your future responsibilities. Hope to see you soon. 

With Best Regards,


Research Scholar

DOS in Library & Information Science

University of Mysore

My best wishes to you..

Hello Dr. Barman,

Good Morning!!

Though it's very difficult to digest the news but I respect your your decision. Hope we will see you some other project in near future which will get grand success.

Wish you all the best and have a great time ahead.

Thank You,


Ayan Mondal.

Dear Sir,
Its very shocking as you are retiring from LIS-LINK. we miss you forever, you have done tremendous work as creator, administrator. it is not easy to anyone to fulfill your dream. my best wishes with you for your professional and personal life.


Dear Sir,

Thank you for providing such platform. You have been such a great inspiration for us. As a LIS Professional, your contribution, achievements and dedication have been remarkable. we all are grateful to have you as our mentor. Miss you a lot...

I wish you all the very best for your future assignments.

with Regards
My best wishes to you..


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