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Comparison between E-Resources and web resources in which features it difference

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Dear all
There should be no confusion about e- resources and web resources both are synonymously used. the concept of e- resources is broader than web resources. Web resources contain only online ( internet based) resources on the other hand e- resources includes the CD ROM databases, DVD, Optical storage etc., ( including web resources) which can be read with the help of machine. ( Either computer or microfilm reader) the internet connection is not necessary to read these resources.
i will agree with saini further to add in case of cd/dvd resources once you procure you can use number of years what ever contents it had,but no updates.Usualy where updates are not many u can procure alternate years or so depending on your budget. Incase of intrnet based connectivity renewal may become must.
actually what is norms laid to procure books for pg course kindly


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