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What this Remote Access and whats use in Library. Kindly guide me.

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Dear Ms. Anita Patil,

Remore Access means access from a distant place (through internet)

Remote access is possible for web based data/materials.

Remote access has a tremendous positive effect in Library profession in serving information to users  from any part of the world provided the material/data is stored in web enabled form.

Say for instance, you are a Librarian in a Village Library And  a Doctor in a Primary Health Centre in that village intends to prepare for entrance examination for MD/MS. As such, he needs to consult the Journals say, Indian Journal of Medical Research & Current Science published from New Delhi & Bangalore respectively. Now If he approaches you and naturally (being a Village Library) you do not have those journals in your Library, But, if you have a computer & Internet access, you can log on to the websites of those journals and can get access to the articles published in those journals from your place. You can just download them and serve the aspiring Doctor.

The viability of e-books and e-journals & Digital Libraries springs from the concept of Remote access. 


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta   

Thanks sir

Remote ACCESS ,

Simply access the PC authorize to you from anywhere in the world.

( ex. if you have setup remote access on your home or work PC then you can access that PC from anywhere in world through internet. )

you I gave access to my PC then you can use that. 

Remote access use in 2 way .

1. either expert use your pc from their office and solve your problem on pc or softwear etc......

2. you can access to  remote access pc for data beckup.


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