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Quote(knowledge) of Swami Vivekananda and the Lislinks

Dear All,

12 January is the day when a great Swami and Philosopher arrived on the Earth. He is known for his extreme knowledge of Vedas and Yoga. We follow his several quotes(instructions, assistance) as per our understanding and strength.
The Quote which I have clung here is one of the great quotes of Swami Ji. This quote is making awareness how a small thing(torch) makes an easier life in the dark. LisLinks is the only professional platform which has active members(like the torch) continuously giving knowledge(light) and we all are being enlightened in our life.

Swami ji is a greater contributor to the Knowledge and being a knowledge(knowledge resource) professional let us greet him and make some plan for achieving the knowledge of individual, society, and nation.

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Hello Munesh ...You always post something motivational ....Keep it up 

Thank You for the motivation... :) 

I have learned from my family, teachers, professional well-wishers, "we should always talk which beneficial for others". Just, I try to do something good for all. 

Munesh Sir,

Heartily agree with you. Thanks for sharing a great thought on this day.

Most Welcome... 


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