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Promotion to the Post of University Librarian under UGC-CAS

Dear All,


The recent promotion of Dr. Ravi B. the Dy. Librarian, Central University of Hyderabad to the post of Librarian (University Librarian) under UGC-CAS has put all speculations surrounding the issue to rest .

This is the first such promotion in the history of university libraries in India, I believe. With this breakthrough promotion, now a university can have more than one Librarian at Professor's Grade.

Till the time, the administrators in many universities were reluctant to promote the eligible Deputy Librarians to the the post of Librarian in-spite of having the crystal clear guidelines (of UGC) in this regard.

I congratulate Dr. Ravi for his promotion and the authorities of the Central University of Hyderabad for this historic decision. I hope the other universities will follow suit.

Now the question is : who will lead the library when there are more than one post of Librarian at place? Whether the role of leadership will be on rotation basis or the present leadership (Librarian) continues to lead the team with different designation such as 'Director' as practiced in few prominent universities in Maharashtra.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

With regards,

Anand Dodamani

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I think rotation of leadership/responsibility would better choice or decision.

Dear Sir,

We should not mix and match the benefit got by this precedent.  This is a promotion in Librarian Cadre Grade 4 to Grade 5, but not enhancement of post.  Dr. Ravi would get the scale PB 4 and AGP 10000 with the same designation.  However, the the head ship could be with the Librarian only.  It would be very useful for the library community stuck badly in CAS of UGC. 

Many Congratulations for the same.

sir, there should not be any confusion. If there can be 2/3 professors; 2/3 Associate professors and 4/5 Asstt. Professors in a department, why can't there be 2/3 Librarians; 2/3 Deputy Librarians and 4/6 Asstt. Librarians in any University. If something positive is happening, let us not question ourselves. It's time to cheer up.

Dear Shri Dodamani,

Perhaps, Dr. Ravi is the only Deputy Librarian in central govt. institutions who has been promoted to the post of Librarian. He deserves appreciation to make it an example for others. There are many deserving Assistant and Deputy Librarian who may get the benefit if the scheme is implemented judiciously as in case of teachers who may now complete the journey to professorship in six years.

Some stray efforts have been made by individuals to get it implemented in the other institutions but no progress is seen even after more than a year of clear recommendations and gazetting of the regulations.  There are instances when persons with more than 24 years of service as Deputy Librarians, fulfilling eligibility conditions and with excellent service record of taking the library to the highest rank in the country have not been given the benefit. As I think, we should have a platform across all central/state universities to stand against this injustice to librarians. 

With thanks and thanks

Amjad Ali


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