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Dear Sir/Madam

What is the promotion rules for the WB Medical College Librarians?. Please help me.

Thanking You

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Dear Sri Chatterjee,

Thanks for your post.

As I understand, getting the rules from WBUHS or Swastha Bhawan is rather difficult. ( I have no idea which of the above two are the governing authority!!) So in my opinion, you may consult the existing senior Library Professionals of  Medical Colleges like CMC, NRSMC, RGKMC BIN if you are a resident of Kolkata. 

As far as I can recall from my experience, the prospects of Medical College Librarians were rather gloomy. However, I am speaking of this issue prevailing exactly 40 years ago (1979) when the pay scale of Medical College Librarians had been Rs.300- Rs.600 and in those days Librarians in Degree Colleges were not lucrative either!!

Later, during late 80's when I was in a National Research Laboratory on Medical Sciences, I tried to address the issue of Medical College Librarians in W.B. as a the then Executive Committee Member of the MLAI (Medical Library Association of India) but as I observed the response was not very spontaneous from a portion of the incumbents. Since some of the States initiated UGC pattern Pay Scales for their Medical College Librarians, tried to involve MLAI to address this issue to initiate an uniform pattern of Pay Scales for all Medical College Librarians nationally. I learnt some (from West Bengal) have gone to the court with this issue but rest of the Librarians (I mean the then Medical College Librarians) by and large remained inert!! But what surprising thing I have heard ( I must confess that I have not checked the validity of the information) that while one State based Library Association (having good connection with the then Govt.) actively opposed this behind the scene ( the same association opposed WBCLA's activities & demands also and that I know well!!)  another association opted to remain silent/aloof/indifferent  about this issue.

With due respects to my friends & co-professionals in Degree College Libraries, I personally feel that so far the nature of jobs concerned, the jobs of a Medical College Librarian demands more professional skills and "nodding subject knowledge" than those of Degree College Librarians. Of course, the recruitment process of Degree College Librarians (Qualifications, Higher Degrees, Publications etc. as compelling necessity)  are quite high since last couple of years. As a result, some of the best students in our profession are attracted to jobs as College Librarians while truly speaking, most of them pathetically feels the lack of job satisfaction!! At this point, the Medical Librarians are quite ahead to their counterparts in Degree Colleges but financially, they were in the backseat. I shall appreciate if you can highlight the pay scales of Medical College Librarians so that many of us (me specially) could get the latest information.

Thanking You, once again,


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta

Respected Sir,

Many thanks for your information. Presently the pay scale of Medical College Librarians is 7100-37600(GP-4100).

If you inform that which are the state initiated UGC pattern Pay Scales for their Medical College Librarins.

Thanking You, once again


Kuntal Chatterjee, Burdwan

Dear Sri Chatterjee,

Please see my reply in your comment Box.


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta

Thank you sir

Thank you sir. Your comments are highly informative and enrich our knowledge.


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