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Dear LIS friends!

I am at the initial stage of my PhD research design. I am in need of guidance in designing my research work, setting objectives, hypothesis and methodology. I have received information about some PhD consultancies like,, etc. But I do not have knowledge on credibility, trustworthy, usefulness and any hidden issues with these consultants. Dear friends, if you have information, please share. Should we take help from such consultants and what are problems that may arise our of such relation.

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Most of the Indian Theses are marred by poor writing and lack of originality. The DLINE journals ( offer mentorship programme for Library Professionals. The mentorship programme is free. They have a pool of editors and reviewers who will offer guidance and referral. You can reach them by

thank you mam


They are asking for full details like. my phd proposal, status, guide details university. Shall we share the details. Please guide me.

Dear  Thanu R  ji,

Please you tell me about yourself like you are phd registerd or not, what is your actual problem and name of the university etc.

with regards



why do you need a consultancy for a PhD?

In our country, most of the young academicians and researchers lack good mentoring. Unfortunately, low level information is consumed by them resulting in the low-quality output. Most of the Indian scientific papers are not cited and referred. The level of teaching is far below from the standards. Even many published papers in Indian journals suffer from poor writing, weak content, the absence of originality and a few more. The utmost requirement is the mentoring as many of us are deprived of access to scholarly knowledge. Perhaps, the term used by Thanu can be replaced by the term, 'mentoring'. It is unfortunate to see the growth of commercial organizations in such 'Ph.d Consultancy". If they help in '(ghost) writing' what is the role of the Ph.D. guides and supervisors? 


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