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As per GOI rule 3 books per 1000 books issued/consulted in a year is acceptable loss. What is the acceptable loss if 1000 books in library are consulted 5000 times .so permissible loss to be calculated on 1000 books or 5000 books

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As per rule of GFR 2017, Loss of five Books per one thousand volumes of books issued/consulted in a year is acceptable.

Ok but what if library has total 1000 books only but they are issued 5000 times in a year

Dear Ms.Priyanka Basudeva,

The counting will be based on 1000 books. It is the collection that counts not the circulation/consultation. Otherwise if those 1000 books are circulated/consulted 50, 000 times altogether, then according to the formula, 150 loss should be accommodated!! Never-the-less, there is another clause in the GOI rule that such loss should not be  because of negligence from the part of Library staff!.

Hope I could explain the issue for your understanding..


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta

150 loss should be accommodated!! Expain sir  how did u find 150??

Siddhartha sir has  calculated with the loss of 3 books per 1000 consulted books.i.e. 50X3=150

Thanks Sri Vijendra Kumar for following my point correctly.


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta

Dear Sri Kumar Sanjay,

Thanks for your post. Before replying, let me take the liberty to convey my deep appreciation to Sri Virendra Kumar Saab for understanding my points clearly.

Now coming to the context, I have mentioned that "... It is the Collection that counts not  Circulation/consultation" to further explain the issue I mentioned that if those 1000 books are circulated/consulted 50,000 times (which is equal to 1000X50), and if 3/1000 is waived on the basis of circulation/consultation (as Ms. Priyanka Vasudeva intimated about 5000 circulation of 1000 book) then for 1000X50 @ 3/1000 3X50 =150 books should be waived as per her her argument which is not the rule. it is irrespective of the circulation/consultation and on the basis of the collection strength only.

I hope I could clear your confusion.


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta

As per the GFR 2017, Rule No. - 215 (ii) Loss of five volumes per one thousand volumes of books issued/consulted in a year  may be taken as reasonable provided such losses are not attributable to dishonesty or negligence. However, loss of a book of a value exceeding Rs. 1,000/- (Rupees One thousand only) and rare books irrespective of value shall invariably be investigated and appropriate action taken. 

Sir, what are the appropriate action?

The why the the used the word "circulated/consulted", they could have simply said "3 books per 1000 books""

total library collection 12000 books. how many books are allowed to loss per year.i think 36 books are allowed as per rule is it true?


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