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Today on the occasion of the Librarians' Day, I would like to request all the professionals to bring all the implementations and recommendations regarding upliftment of the librarians in regard to pay structure and status into a single thread. By this way let’s celebrate the Librarians' Day in a new way.


The different Implementation and Recommendation for the upliftment of the librarians in regards to pay structure and status may be cited as below:


* Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti: Memo No. F No.- 20-1 / 08-NVS (Estt. – II), Dated 11.11.2008.

Subject: Implementation of 6th Pay Commission.

Librarians are entitled to have teaching status and scale.


* Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan: Memo No. F-11081-4 / 08 - KVSHQ (Adm –I) dated 05.11.2008.

Subject: Recommendation of 6th Pay Commission. Librarians are enjoying Teaching status and scale.


* Prof. Ashok Mitra Commission (1992)

“Each School or College should have a post of a trained Librarian sanctioned for it; the individual selected for the post must be given the same scale of pay and allowances as that offered to a member of the teaching staff”

Reference:  P-215, Para 12:19.

This recommendation has already been accepted by the then Chief Minister, Mr. Jyoti Basu in the floor of Assembly, W.B. on 7th June 1994.


* Justice D. K. Basu, (Honorable High Court, Calcutta) case No.13319 (w) 1990.

“…….. I think and hold that the post of a librarian of a higher secondary school should be considered a post of Asst. Teacher……….. and is entitled to the scale of Asst. Teacher for all practical purposes……”

 “… it cannot be said that post of Librarian is not a teaching post. It can be said that Librarian in the school is brain bank or resource bank to feed the students as well as the teachers…”


* Recommendation of the Education Commission: Kothari Commission (1964-66).

“The scale of pay for librarians should also be related to those for teachers in a suitable manner.”

Reference: Section 3.14 School stage: simplification of pay scales, P. 53


* Report of Secondary Education Commission: Government of India, Ministry of Education. (1952-53).

“ it would be require the service of highly qualified and trained librarian who would be on par with other senior teachers in pay and status and we definitely recommended that there should be in every secondary school, a full time librarian of this type”.

Reference: P. 109, Chapter-VII.


* C. B. S. E. Library Guidelines: Status of School Librarian.

 “Both the post and the post-holder should be treated on par with the head of teaching faculty in the school in terms of status, pay scales and other facilities.”


* Founder of Library science of India, Dr. S.R. Ranganathan opined in his book- ‘Philosophy of Librarianship’ that

‘the status of school librarian should be equal to that of a senior teacher of the school”.


* N. C. E. R. T.

“the scale of pay and Status of the librarian should be as per teachers”.


Now I request you to post the recommendations and implementations that are in your hand in this thread.

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Thank you very much for your useful information.


This day should not forget by us.  Lets develop our professional field.


thank you


very nice....n effective..

thanks Mr. Badan.

Thanks for your effort, sir. but you will hardly find any school or college approving these recommendations. They don't even treat the librarians in the academic sector. can you tell me what will be the exact pay scales of a Blisc and an Mlisc. qualified librarian in a school or college library as per sixth pay commission? wish u all the best in the librarian's day..


thank you sir. we are needed for this type information

Badanji...good morning.

I am so happy for yiur kind information which is more useful to our community.

Really, you are taking too pain to post it.


thank u





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Mr. badan

It is high time to re-designating the post of Librarian in school and colleges because they are not getting the promotion and career advancement benefits. Once they are designated as Lecturer (Lib I Sc) at college level and TGT (LIS) or PGT  (LIS) at school level the  channel of promotion will automatically open for them. 


   Dear Sir,

        Thank you very much for this information. Many of our School Librarian friends are in search of the pay scale for school Librarian. Now I can pass this information to them also. Also thankful to you for providing update information in Library field.


  Thanking You,

   Minakshi Yadav


   Ananthacharya Indological Research Institute

   Mumbai-400 005

You have done the duty of a good Librarian! Thanks a lot.



great sir thanks  UGC also say the librarian are equal to university teaching staff. like

asst. Librarian = Lecturer


thank u


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