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I am unable to understand the number distribution for the interview of Librarian at WBHRB.
Please help me.

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Dear Sir,

            This to inform you that not only you have faced such problem to understand the academic marks distribution but also we have so many here from Bengal those who are aspirants for the post of Librarian  of WBHRB (West Bengal Health recruitment Board) have same problem. When WBHRB notified for this post there was no clear indications of such ambiguous marks distribution, not only they have taken application from M.Lib.I.Sc. candidates but also they have received application   from Diploma of LIS and as well as from B.Lib.I.Sc. But one question is roamed to all BLIS candidates that why they have taken application for us when the jobs were offered to only MLIS along with those who have huge experiences in this field apparently as per their marks distribution. The marks distribution are like that for BLIS - 30 , MLIS -30 (B. LIB 30+ M. LIB 30 = 60) , Govt. experience holder - 15, others sector - 10 and for Interview 15  Total marks (60+15+10+15 = 100). So only those have B.Lib or diploma degree they will be totally deprived from this the post. And it is too much shocked us that they did not take any written test when there were huge candidates for the post, selection in this process are totally bias, unethical and against the job aspirants.

Thanking You.

With regards,

Sumit Chakraborty


Dear Sir,

            Thanks Mr. Sumit Chakraborty for your replay. This is a big confusion to understand the number distribution for the interview. Those who have only MLIS and experience only they have a little chance. BLIS and diploma holder have not any chance. Number distribution chart clearly written experience as "LIBRARIAN" working at govt. or other sector score the maximum number 15 or 10. But this is also not clear that only experience as Librarian give the number or any kind of library work give the experience number.

I am agree with you that the selection process is full of confusion and BLIS students have no chance to get the job. Once again thanks sir for your answer.

Thanking You.

Dear Sri Kuntal Chatterjee,

Thanks for your post. Also I convey thanks and appreciation to Sri Sumit Chakraborty for describing the number distribution process.

As I personally feel, allocating 30 marks for B.Lib.Sc & 60 marks for M.Lib.Sc. candidates, makes the selection process practically restricted among M.Lib. Sc.candidates only.

Because while one section of candidates are starting with 30 under his/her belt, the other section is empowered with 60 under their belts.  A B.Lib.Sc pass candidate even with working experience in govt.sector can initially score 45 only. and if s/he gets full marks in Interview (15 out of 15) the best marks s/he can score is 60 only which is the starting score for MLib.I.Sc. candidates!! 

This is simply illogical and to put it bluntly, it is extremely unfair!!

I worked in Academic &  Research Libraries in the field of Medical Sciences for more than 21 years as "Librarian" & "Chief Librarian". I presume that it entitles me to say a few words on Medical Librarianship as a special branch in the field of Librarianship.

Personally speaking, I don't think that merely by getting a M.Lib.Sc. degree makes any one "Doubly Eligible" than a B.Lib.Sc. I became Librarian in a prestigious PG.Teaching & Research Hospital with a mere B.Lib. Sc. (of Course I had Basic degrees in Science) and when I became Librarian in a premier National Research Institute under ICMR I had just completed the 1st. Sem of My ML.I.Sc.!! and I worked as Librarian in my earlier Medical Library for three years where I had made my bones!!

I am still confident that my working experience gave me far better mileage ahead of the other candidates and earned me three additional increments!!

Job of Librarian in a Medical library demands understanding of some knowledge/education in Physiology/ Zoology/Biochemistry/Microbiology etc besides Medial Terminologies as nodding knowledge. As such, candidates with B.Sc.s & M.Sc.s in Life Science should have been given 10 points for each examinations and allocating 10 Points for M.Lib. Sc. would have been more thoughtful. Never-the-less, by this process of recruitment the Medical Colleges would get some library professionals with at least some understanding of the subjects of teaching in First & Second MBBS as they call it.

Regarding "Specialization",  as I understand most of the University Teaching faculty in West Bengal had never worked into a Medical Library for a full academic year. At the most some of them might have associated with some project of ICMR/DST/DBT and certainly those associate ship (which might have done years ago) never entitles them to become worthy to teach Medical Librarianship to students. As such the knowledge levels of M.Lib.Sc. candidates do not seem to be befitting (as subject specialization) for Medical Libraries.

I feel that the authority should have given time for a thought from this points of views.


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta

Dear Sir,

             As a veteran library professional , you have  understood my point with my little explanations of marks distribution at a glance and our anxiousness in this regards.But those who are spend maximum time of the day with students and try to sympathies with us about our problem, when they are called for such advice how to conduct the recruitment process, such LIS stalwart's give so and so criterion  for bias free recruitment . If you look the WB CSC and WB SSC test in academic marks distributions process, you will be found no of flaws in this regards that's were happened previous year. 

Thanking you.

With respectfully ,

Sumit Chakraborty



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