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Please give me name of all books written by Dr. S. R. Ranganathan


Answer by Badan Barman

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Thanks and Very Good work 

DRTC library have a personal collection of SRR.

go through these books.

View the fulltext of some of his books here:

V. Good

super sir, thank you.

good collection


can u plz mentions publication year also

  •    bul11b.gif (698 bytes)    Colon Classification, 4th Ed, Madras Library Association,1952.

  •    bul11b.gif (698 bytes)    Colon Classification, 5th Ed, Madras Library Association,1957.

  •    bul11b.gif (698 bytes)    Colon Classification, 6th Ed, Madras Library Association,1963.

  •    bul11b.gif (698 bytes)    Colon Classification, 7th Ed ( 1971) A Preview, Madras Library Association, 1969.

  •    bul11b.gif (698 bytes)    Colon Classification, The Graduate School of Library Science,1965.

  •    bul11b.gif (698 bytes)    Classification and Communciation, University of Delhi, 1951.

  •    bul11b.gif (698 bytes)    Descriptive Accounts of Colon Classification,Asia Publishing House, 1965.

  •    bul11b.gif (698 bytes)    Depth Classification and Reference Services and Reference Material, Indian Library   Association, 1953.

  •    bul11b.gif (698 bytes)    Elements of Library Classification, N.K. Publishing House,1945.

  •    bul11b.gif (698 bytes)    Elements of Library Classification, 2nd Ed, Asia Publishing House, 1960.

  •    bul11b.gif (698 bytes)    Elements of Library Classification,3rd Ed. Asia Publishing House, 1962.

  •    bul11b.gif (698 bytes)    Library Classification: Fundamental and Procedure with 1008 Graded Examples and 

             Exercises, The Madras Library Association, 1944.

  •    bul11b.gif (698 bytes)    Prolegmena to Library Classification, Publication series 6, The Madras Library Association, 1937.

  •    bul11b.gif (698 bytes)    Prolegmena to Library Classification,2nd Ed, The Madras Library Association, 1957.

  •    bul11b.gif (698 bytes)    Philosophy of Library Classification, Ejnar munksgaard, 1951.

  •    bul11b.gif (698 bytes)    Operation Facts in Libratry Calssification.


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